Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Annual Stone Moutain Trip!

Our Stone Mountain trip was a little different this year - mostly because we didn't go to the top of the mountain... maybe next time - but we did do a few different things. We had a great time with my mom, and sisters/family... Laura, Charity, Scott and William!

This is our little family in front of the train ... it was pretty HOT - but thankfully not too sunny!
Here we are on the riverboat ...
Poor little Micah - they insisted on us taking a lifejacket for him - like this would've actually saved him ... but I guess it was the law :)
This was Benjamin talking to the goats at the petting farm!
Here's Micah, Benjamin and I at the laser show ... Benjamin was so excited to get a new sword as his from last year was on it's last leg.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two to GO!

This is kind of a "me" post ... but I'm so excited to only have TWO more Micah pounds to go before I'm back to my pre-prego weight! I know 2 lbs. doesn't sound like a lot- or maybe my body is just not the same shape - BUT my clothes still just don't fit right - so I'm hoping these 2 lbs. will make the difference! So what to do to get there:
1. get the treadmill fixed
2. run in the Georgia heat outside until it's fixed
3. play tennis with Jonathan
4. get a baby-sitter so I can play tennis with Jonathan
5. swim with Benjamin
6. TRY and eat less ice-cream
7. run a little EXTRA so I can eat ice-cream
side note ... after my first run last week ... which was only 1 lap around the neighborhood ... I was back inside before Jonathan knew it and quickly fixed my bowl of ice-cream! only bad part - he headed downstairs to check something on the computer and caught me! - oh well - at least it's only 2 lbs. to go!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What comes with Marriage!

When Jonathan and I got married 6 years ago ... I not only got a wonderful husband, but LOTS of wonderful family! As of now - I think there will be 60 of us in all this summer! Aside from Jonathan and now our boys, one of the most incredible blessings that came with our marriage was a Special Mother-in-Law.
Cheri is such a wonderful mother and grandmother to us. She has been a wonderful example to me and always lends a listening ear! I'll never forget the first moment that we met at the Temple, as her arms were wide open and a loving hug that still brings tears to my eyes. The moment is etched in my memory. Cheri has a special spirit about her that radiates to all around her. Although she's had a rough few years (25 or so?), you'd never know because she only remembers the good times ... and the good things in others.
This post is just for her ... as I hope she knows how much we love and support her. She will forever be a mother to me, and a sister in Zion. It's always so hard to leave her house as she always has tears in her eyes, but the moments and conversations we have are priceless and truly are the reason for those tears.
Thank you Cheri for the incredible mother and grandmother you are ... I hope to be a mother like you!
Here are just a few pictures from our week in Florida. Benjamin loves Nana and all the memories that he makes with her. Micah enjoyed many smiley moments with her as well. Jared and Albert are two of THE BEST uncles! They both play with the boys so well - and are just FANTASTIC! Jared leaves on his mission to INDIA ... on August 12th ... that is a whole post in and of itself - that I will get around to BEFORE he leaves :) Thank goodness we will still have Albert around for a few more years!
Jared, Micah and Benjamin all ready for bed!
Cheri holding Micah so Benjamin and I could swim!
Micah and Benjamin in bed at Nana's ... although they didn't sleep together, but Benjamin has to have a good-night moment with Micah almost every night!
Albert and Benjamin swimming at Aunt Jenny's!
Benjamin, Albert and Micah hanging out ... isn't this such a sweet picture!

Drammy and Drampy's!

This is what we do at Grammy and Grampy's!

Last week we had the WONDERFUL opportunity to go and visit Jonathan's family in Florida -- just Micah, Benjamin and I! Grammy and Grampy (or Drammy and Drampy as Benjamin says -- although he ALMOST can get the G sound now!) ... have become grandparents to me just as if I were their granddaughter! I have incredible memories with them - and enjoy the moments that they spend with my little boys!
A farvorite memory - which I wish I had caught on video was: Benjamin and Grampy washing the bird feeders ... whem all of the sudden Grampy being so perfectly DRY just got TOO tempting for Benjamin. A little water on Grampy, then a little on Benjamin ... then Grampy running and hiding behind the tree from Benjamin ... ended up in the best WATER fight ever ... until Benjamin realized he was 100% soaked. They came inside (Benjamin crying a little) ... but after getting all dried off ... Benjamin quietly telling Grampy, "that was fun!"
Here's Grampy and Benjamin washing off after feeding the chickens!
Benjamin watching Grammy's bread bake!

Grampy and Benjamin picking the squash...
Benjamin and Grampy with their harvest!

Grampy and Micah!
Grammy and Micah!
What a PERFECT picture to end on... Benjamin DRIVING Grampy on the golf cart! These 2 guys are peas in a pod when they are together - although Benjamin can get his mind made up about some things - but you'd never know as Grampy is so gentle and kind with this little red head!

We truly had a wonderful time and I wish I could spend the whole summer there! We especially enjoyed Grammy's homemade bread and fresh pickles they had just canned from their garden! Did I mention that Grammy makes the best sandwiches! It must be a Grandma thing because my Grandma and Mom always make good ones too!
We'll be back SOON!

Visiting Stacey, Kensie and Cade (and Stump!)

Last week when we were in Florida, Micah and I went to visit some dear friends in Gainesville -just 30 minutes from Jonathan's Mom's house! The Cricchio's lived in Macon my last few years of high school and became GREAT friends! Now they have two girls - Kensie and Cade - and still have Stump (not pictured) - their faithful dog - whom is even in their answering machine message! We had a great visit - and the BEST taco salad ... Thanks Stacey! Can't wait to visit again!

Here are the girls "baby-sitting" Micah while Stacey and I were eating lunch in the kitchen! What big helpers!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Braves Game!

I know it's hard to tell we're actually at a Braves game - but we had a LOT of fun! We enjoyed a Friday night (June 5th) ... at the Braves game with some of Jonathan's family! I enjoyed visiting with everyone, that great baseball weather, the cheering/chanting, and of course the good ol' tomahawk chop - did I mention the HOT DOG!
Micah was WONDERFUL and even slept through the fireworks!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Benjamin's 3rd BIRTHDAY!

Here are a few pictures from Benjamin's 3rd Birthday! Jonathan actually ended up taking the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese on Saturday when I was at the Temple!
Benjamin sneaking a jelly bean from his candy cake

Lunch at Chick-Fil-A

Ready to open presents

Benjamin and Micah - although Micah looks like a doll

Blowing out the BIG three candles!
What a fun family birthday!!

St. George ...

We had a WONDERFUL weekend in May at the beach. My favorite was our 5 mile family bike ride! Here are a few pictures!
Rachel and the boys on the beach...

Jonathan and Benjamin headed into the water...

Micah snoozing on the beach...

Jonathan and Benjamin building a sand castle...

The boys ready for our bike ride...

All ready for our biek ride...

(please note our camera is on it's last leg ... so lots of our next posts will have black and white pictures ... our new camera is on it's way!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'll post more pictures later of his birthday celebrations ... but this is a fun picture I took at the park the other day! We've had a fun day so far ... Chuck-E-Cheese tonight! (Benjamin's request!)
How does 3 years go by so fast ... and I'm sure the next 3 and 10 and 15 wil go by just as fast! Benjamin is such a wonderful - full of life - child! We are so blessed to have him in our home. He is already such a wonderful brother to Micah ... and SUCH a big helper!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Cafe and visiting Great Grandmas!

We stopped by ALABAMA ... (somehow Jonathan thought it was on the way to Florida) ... to visit Jonathan's Grandmothers! We had wonderful visits with both of them and it was worth traveling the whole day. They are both so sweet!
Here are the boys at the Cafe (Jonathan's Grandma Sarah's Cafe)...
Benjamin got: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese,
and creamed corn
Jonathan: meat loaf, collards and BOILED okra
Rachel: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collards and boiled okra (I thought it was going to be fried - but boiled actually tasted pretty good!)

Grandma Sarah and Micah

Micah, MeMaw and Benjamin!

Eric and Emily's Wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mitchell

The Owens and Mitchell siblings... pretty good - 14 of the 17!

Here we are... the Birmingham Temple is a smaller Temple but AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! It was wonderful to be at the wedding with them and our family!

We REALLY enjoyed a night at the hotel ... and we ALL slept in before heading to the reception in Montgomery! My favorite (wish I had a picture) was a table at the reception just for kids! What a great idea! Congratulations Eric and Emily!

Catching up...

So these are really out-dated... but I'm catching up!!
Mrs. Lorraine, Benjamin and Mrs. Robyn on the last day of school!
This was Benjamin thoughout the whole program... he wanted to sit with us and would NOT participate at ALL... stinker! They said a recited prayer, their ABC's and sang Jesus Loves Me.
Benjamin getting his diploma

Benjamin with his little diploma

We hurried home from his program to finish packing the truck... and waved good-bye to our wonderful neighbor - Joanie who is such a great friend and came to "see us off"!
We then headed for our new home and started to unpack the truck. Paul, Sarah and Mary came to help unpack and stayed SUPER late ... THANK YOU!! Here is Benjamin and Mary after pizza, soda and now Reese's peanut butter cups!