Sunday, September 23, 2007

mom's night out...

Well -- after a LONG week -- of Benjamin and I both being sick -- hince the reason for no updates, Jonathan kept Benjamin last night so that I could go to a baby shower. I had a blast seeing friends from work -- I even won one of the games, and I LOVE to win! (especially when the prize is a giftcard to Brooster's!) When I got home, Benjamin was asleep, pj's not snapped but that was okay, nothing else seemed to out of place, except when I went in to hang up his towel. Why is the camera in the bathroom, I thought... well, one thing about digital cameras, they never lie! So I picked it up - and this is what I found! Popsicles in the BATHTUB! What a lucky guy... bubbles and all. Benjamin discovered popsicles while he was sick and he LOVES them. He calls them pop pops. When Jonathan commented this morning about Benjamin's bath - he said, "yeah, it didn't take him as long as normal to eat his popsicle because he kept putting it in the water!" He also said it kept getting bubbles all over it -- Goodness ... what a fun dad. We've switched Benjamin's baths to night-time because it seems he has more fun then -- and we do usually let him have bubbles. He calls them "blubbbles." He's growing so fast ... and learning more and more words! So as usual - whenever mom goes out - Benjamin and Jonathan have ALL the fun - and break ALL the rules ... I guess that's what dads are for anyway though!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

jackson hole!

It was a little RAINY -- and sometimes it was POURING -- when we were in Jackson Hole -- but we made the best of it! The boys were GREAT when we were shopping in town -- then we took them to "Wilson Beach" -- not for a swim -- but just to play. Here are Benjamin and Romney trying to decide just which way they are going to go...

This is a shot of Benjamin and I along the Snake River -- what a BEAUTIFUL place.

Benjamin LOVED the rocks -- probably not quite as much as Romney -- but a close second. Benjamin takes first place in getting MORE wet. He just didn't understand why he couldn't get INTO the water. Finally I just let him go -- although I ended up catching him before he got in too deep! This is a picture of Benjamin in front of a cute fence -- with the mountains in the background. He kept picking the flowers and giving them to me :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

stewart falls hike ...

on labor day -- jonathan, benjamin and i hiked to stewart falls -- it is here - that jonathan and i attribute our romantic beginnings - as our first picture was taken here... actually 6 years ago labor day weekend! benjamin was a trooper and would've much rather have been hiking himself -- than hanging out in the pack, but he sure liked the waterfall when we got there! he really didn't even care that it was ICE COLD!

like i said - benjamin was not too jazzed about the ''sunroof" or sitting down for the ride, although i would've taken that spot any old day! after pumping him with fruitloops and juice, he was good to go for a little longer!

this is one of my favorite pictures - he just couldn't figure out where all of that WATER was coming from. he kept saying, "pooool, poool" -- one of his favorite words anyways, unfortunately we wouldn't let him jump right in like we can in a real pool! Our treat afterwards -- JAMBA JUICE -- and boy did Benjamin like that!


Well had a GREAT time in Utah - especially taking Benjamin to his FIRST BYU FOOTBALL game ... he's already been to a basketball game and soccer game! He took a great morning nap... and as you will see - he even squeezed in a nap on our trip to the bookstore -- to rumage through what was left of the BLUE t-shirts! The game was GREAT -- being that BYU won -- here are a few highlights of the day!

Here we are in the Legacy tent -- armband courtesy of Justin and Lynette Heideman! The food as great - Benjamin LOVED the chocolate fountain and everything that you could put in it... strawberries, pretzel and MARSHMELLOWS!
Here's Benjamin... a TRUE blue fan -- taking his afternoon nap before the game got going! What a trooper -- thankfully he was a DOLL the rest of the game.
Here are Jonathan and Benjamin at the game -- Benjamin's just taking in some fruit loops and crackers so that he can continue cheering on the COUGARS!
This was Benjamin's all time FAVORITE toy at the game: the lid to the sunscreen. A couple of times he even dropped it - and it rolled down a couple of levels -- had to get it though - so that he continued to be entertained! His second favorite thing was un-tieing the man's shoes behind us -- what GREAT fans we were sitting around!
As you can see - this was the BEST part of the game for Benjamin - a MOUTH watering HOTDOG ... all to himself!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Well here we are in Utah ... pictures include:
1. Benjamin eating a banana by HIMSELF!
2. The three of us on Mill D Hike -- near Solitude!
3. Benjamin giving mom a flower on the hike.
I'll post more pictures as we take them -- we enjoyed going to the BYU/Arizona game this afternoon - which BYU won... of course -- and we have many more exciting adventures planned!