Thursday, August 20, 2009

Orlando ... TEMPLE!

While visiting family for Jared's farewell, we were able to go to the Orlando Temple with lots of our family! It was WONDERFUL to be there - especially since the Atlanta Temple will be closed for the next 15+ months! Thanks to everyone who helped with keeping Micah and Benjamin so that we could go!

Mission Accomplished!

So... 150 books... Mission accomplished!
And we couldn't even count books we read twice! Benjamin got to choose a book, got a certificate AND stickers!
(and LOTS of "learning" all the while!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pizza Pizza!

Benjamin was a big helper making these "easy" biscuit pizzas!

He LOVED picking out the toppings for his pizza!
Maybe he'll be a pizza boy one day!

Waterballoon FHE!

We had a FUN Family Home Evening tonight! We were so excited about our $.98 waterballoons ... and played lots of fun games!
Rachel and Benjamin racing to "splat" the waterballoons!

Micah with his waterballoon...

Jonathan and Benjamin playing waterballoon baseball...
Check out that distance :)

Benjamin and Micah with their waterballoons

Water... balloons - and family time - do a family good!

Mayfield Dairy field trip!

We went on a fun little trip to the Mayfield Dairy with the Crosby's!
Here we are ... stylin' with our hairnets ... Micah was lucky and got a BEARD NET!
The kids loved the Mayfield cow ... but couldn't figure out why there were no REAL cows at this dairy ... and they only made the milk! (side note ... Benjamin thinks they make the milk here to take back to give to the cows to drink!)

Benjamin with his SUPER COW ice cream!

Of course I had to get some as well... blueberry cream pie!

(speaking of... Kristine I still forgot to give you $$!)

Little Blondie!

So this is our little blue-eyed, blondie! He is so fun and ALMOST rolling over! He sleeps most of his night on his left side -and will find his thumb to put himself back to sleep!
Not a huge fan of tummy time -but he's getting better!

HOMEMADE - shake-it-make-it ICE-CREAM!

So here's a quick and EASY recipe to try:
Put in QUART size zip-lock bag:

2 T. sugar
1 c. half-and-half
(or milk will work - I even used skim ... it was just healthier I guess)
1/2 t. vanilla

Put in GALLON size zip-lock bag:
6 T. Rock Salt
Your milk-mixture (above in the quart size bag)

Shake for about 5-7 Minutes!
Tastey- but - C-O-L-D!!

Dad's OFFICE outing ... to the DENTIST!

So... Benjamin was pretty excited at first to go to the dentist and be able to watch whatever he wanted on tv...

then the CLEANING part started ... and well - needless to say, he only got the top row cleaned...
and bargained with Jonathan to floss his own teeth!

Next time ... we'll have the hygienist clean the bottom row - and Jonathan can just CHECK his teeth :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gold Rush!

Dahlonega Gold Mine...

We had a blast going to Dahlonega ... initially to the museum for FREE -- but also spent $9.50 to go to a super fun gold mine! Benjamin was free - so it was like 2 & 1/2 for the price of ONE!
It was a little misty that day - but the temperature was PERFECT.
Here's Benjamin, Micah and I panning for gold - Benjamin REALLY did have fun - don't get confused by the face!

They had ALL kinds of farm animals... we took a special liking to this little donkey guy!

Struck GOLD ... although there's none really on his finger... but I didn't have the heart to tell him it was STILL in our bowl!

Wagon Ride!

Benjamin mining for his gold!

Benjamin, Rachel and Micah in Dahlonega ... a very cute little town!
Benjamin could NOT figure out how this piano was playing by itself...

The Dahlonega Gold Museum ... for free!

Benjamin enjoying one of his FIVE candy sticks... this one was blue raspberry and he loved it!
I'd HIGHLY recommend it ... you get a bucket of "dirt" as well and we did find a few gemstones!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just the boys!

Just thought I'd share this FAVORITE picture of the boys - not that they are 100% smiling or anything - it just makes me happy that they love eachother!

Benjamin is such a GREAT big brother ... and is such a big help ... he is the burpie boy (runs to get a burpie just in the nick-of-time), diaper/wipe boy -- always willing to get those if they are across the room, and is even getting pretty good at "baby-sitting" or playing with Micah! He is pretty patient - but hates for Micah to cry. A favorite line: "It's o-tay buddy.... it's OOO-tay."

Micah is a DOLL - and still, all-in-all, SLEEPS a TON - at least in comparison to what Benjamin ever slept! I hope the trend continues! He slept throught the night for a week, took a week off, and knock on wood - maybe back to sleeping nights again! We'll see how tonight goes. Last night - 9:30 - 7!! I didn't know that REALLY happened! Micah is so giggley and will cuddle which makes me so happy! I love LOVE when he laughs -- it makes the day all the better!

Amicalola Falls!

We took a nice "day" trip to Amicalola Falls ...
The weather was 100% PERFECT -- I think 63* when we started out that morning! There are LOTS and lots of steps up and down the falls - Jonathan and I did about 1200 ... and Benjamin was a trooper and did close to 800 -- which is a ton for such a little guy!
Jonathan packed Micah most of the way, and I held Benjamin's hand ... the last few steps we were playing follow the leader and everything we could think of to make it to the top! We had a nice picnic at the top before heading back down! Jonathan carried Benjamin down ... and I had sweet little Micah as he slept!

Benjamin was pretty excited to see the falls up close and personal - and was trying to show me where the water was coming from ... somewhat of a mystery to him from the bottom!

The falls were splendid - as well as the fresh air and being outside on such a perfect day!
If anyone's interested in going on a hike there - they do have hiking trails as well! Wednesdays are FREE into the park, or we could also check out the passes at the library!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Hero's Station!

We went to the fire station for a Hero's Day! We took them a watermelon (see below in between the two car seats...) and they gave us a WONDERFUL tour - and lots of goodies to bring home!

Benjamin and Rachel in the fire truck!

Benjamin and the fireman on the Water Rescue truck ... they are incharge of the rescues on Lake Lanier and have to be "divers" sometimes...

Benjamin, Rachel and Micah sitting on the fire truck bumper!

Benjamin in front of the fire truck!

Benjamin, Rachel and Micah on the fire truck!

We had a great time and I would recommend it to ANYONE! They were so nice and explained any and everything! I think most fire stations will give you a tour - and we didn't even call ahead. The men and women who serve our country are definitely OUR heros! On for more adventures!