Sunday, December 30, 2007

Biltmore and the Bandaid Paw!

We have been excited to be on vacation in Asheville, NC. We were able to do the candlelight tour of the Biltmore Estate on Friday night - WOW is all I can say! That is a BIG BIG house! 250 rooms and 43 bathrooms ... but Jonathan and I decided that most of them were for the servents. We loved the indoor pool ... and all of the pantries! Think about how much food storage you could have! The house was beautiful --but I told Jonathan - that's what our mansion in heaven will be like ... except BIGGER and BETTER and hopefully not so many tourist!

These are a few pictures that we took at the Biltmore ... you will notice Benjamin's "BANDAID" ... well it's a BIG bandaid! Saturday morning after Jonathan ironed his clothes - he set the iron on the table at the hotel - and Benjamin went over to iron - needless to say- we couldn't get to him before his left hand was grasping the front of the iron. We rushed into the bathroom ... with Jonathan's pants around his ankles ... that was probably the only thing fun about the whole experience. Benjamin cried for more than 2 hours - he has one BIG blister - and lots of burns on his hand. I tried everything - as Jonathan went to get gauze and antibiotic cream -- we finally just had to put him in his carseat and he FINALLY fell asleep! When he woke up -- he was "BETTER" ... except for his hand - but he hasn't cried since! He had done pretty well with keeping his bandaid on and didn't cry when we had to wash his hand today.

We did get to do more touring yesterday at the Biltmore - which may have kept Benjamin's mind off of his hand. As you will see he LOVED the animals and walking to the bass pond. A really neat place to visit if you get a chance to go to North Carolina.

We LOVE the mountains! I'm planning to post Christmas pictures ... probably with New Year's! We did have a great Christmas - just haven't gotten my Christmas pictures edited :)

Polar Express!

Thursday - December 27th - we rode the Polar Express in Cherokee, NC to take Santa back to the North Pole. Benjamin LOVED it and would've hung his head out the window the WHOLE time if he could! He loved that he could see the engine and the stars, and Christmas lights!
He didn't mind Santa too much - but Santa also did not try and hold him!
Santa signed his Polar Express book, he got a jingle bell - and the best part - he got a Chocolate-Marshmellow Santa and hot chocolate! We had a BLAST!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Only at Grammy and Grampy's!

This is what you do at Grammy and Grampy's! Play in the mud with a really fun Uncle -- Albert! Benjamin had a BLAST -- Albert even tried to get him to pick the mud up, but Benjamin just wanted to "wash, wash." He even washed Albert's shorts - which took all afternoon to dry! We had a GREAT time seeing all the Aunts, Uncles, counsins - and especially Nana, Jared, Albert, and Grammy and Grampy!
Benjamin REALLY enjoyed getting to drive the "galf cart", saying "bock, bock" to the chickens and playing until he was exhausted! Nana gave him a track and some trucks and a tractor to bring home - the little track has been in our living room since we came home. I did get him to stack it up tonight - but I'm sure he'll have me re-build it tomorrow!
Can't wait until our next trip to Florida!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Well we went to buy our Christmas Tree last Saturday (a week ago) - and Benjamin LOVED running around and looking at the "twees". He finally was so tired and just stopped and sat under the tree that we were trying to decide on - and we thought that that should probably be the ONE.
Benjamin REALLY enjoyed decorating the tree - and continues to help decorate it. His favorite is to pull up a chair and decorate it. He loves to help daddy give it a drink - and even makes a smacking sound, as if the tree is really drinking. Everyone is amazed that he doesn't try and open the gifts - we think it's because he probably just thinks that they are decorations too, and doesn't realize that there is something inside.

At the end of buying out tree - Benjamin HAD to go and stand by the big snowman. He loves any kind of Christmas decorations or lights - but don't get him near anything that looks like a real Santa, even if it is the Santa Cow at Chick-fil-A!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Whistle Stop Cafe...

So if you've ever seen the movie: "Fried Green Tomatoes" ... Well my Mom, Grandma, Benjamin and I went to the Whistle Stop Cafe on Friday for lunch!
The highlight for us was seeing Benjamin scarfle down the fried green tomatoes and turnips ... of all things. He did enjoy the "corn pudding" as well -- I didn't order it because I thought it was going to be like vanilla pudding with corn in it (so did my Grandma) -- but my mom knew that it was just "creamed corn"!
Benjamin LOVED watching the two trains that both came by within 1 hour -- and boy did they go by fast! What a fun place to visit! It definitely STILL kind of feels like it's set back in the

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well Chris, Elizabeth and Kinsley Forscutt (Jonathan's sister & family) came to visit as Chris interviewed at MCG's dental school. Benjamin loved playing with Kinsley -- and she LOVED playing in his room! She would've even played in there during his nap if we would've let her! It was so fun to have them together. Kinsley will be 1 on Tuesday! So Benjamin shared his "cupcake" with her!

Benjamin helped me put out the reindeer while Kinsley was taking her nap - so they were both in AWE when it got dark outside and the reindeer were lit up! I wish I could've captured their expressions -- the TRUE happiness that Christmas brings!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well we spent a few days for Thanksgiving at my parents. Wednesday we did LOTS of yard work!! Jonathan said he probably walked 5 miles pushing the push lawn mower --since the riding lawn mower was broken! My mom was SO excited though -- she just kept "gazing" out the window at her NEW yard! It's always nice to help my mom out :)

Thanksgiving day was a little rainy - but we still made it outside a little to play in the falling beautiful bradford pear tree leaves. Benjamin got to help Mom Mom make a cake ... but he dumped the carrots for the carrot cake all over the counter not just once... but TWICE! What a big helper. He LOVES to make the hand mixer sound - and is really good at it! Benjamin wasn't too happy about Thanksgiving dinner. He couldn't figure out why we woke him up from his nap to eat at 4:00 -- so much earlier than his normal dinner time! He did eat cranberry sauce though :) We were sure ready for bed when bedtime came around!
Jonathan headed home Thursday night so that he could work Friday morning at 4:00 am... eesh! So early. I did do a little shopping -- only because my mom kept Benjamin - but I didn't wake up until 7 and still pretty much got everything I wanted! Lots of online shopping this year, which is so much easier -- and sometimes NO TAX -- which saves money!

So if you've noticed that I've been slow about posting lately -- other than the holidays -- our ward split, and I am the Primary President in our new ward... we still have about 90 kids -- I've also had LOTS of work lately -- so hopefully things may slow down ... at least SOME! We are so excited for the holidays -- to visit family, teach Benjamin more about "Je-sa" - boy does
Benjamin love Him already -- and enjoy Jonathan's time OFF from school!

Fall Days!

We really enjoyed playing outside around Thanksgiving! Benjamin LOVED running through the leaves and scooping up leaves with his tractor! What a helper!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Columbia County Fair!

We headed out to the Columbia County Fair this week for Family Home Evening! We had a GREAT time. Benjamin LOVED the lights and watching people ride the rides... even better, he LOVED seeing the animals in the petting farm -- after we saw all of the animals, he signed: "more, more" -- Jonathan did take him for another round in between the pig racing :)
Benjamin also got to ride his first ride -- even though Jonathan had to convince the fair worker to let him ride! We were not exactly sure he was going to stay seated -- but he didn't move after the ride started going - he did wave as he went around!
We did have a really fun night ... we were pretty cold by the time we left! Exciting news when we got home, Benjamin used his potty for the first time ... we're hoping this is a positive start!! Wish us luck :)
Oh -- any ideas what this last furry animal is??

It's FALL!

It seems that Fall really may be here in Grovetown!! We have had to wear jackets outside all week - Benjamin loves to help rake outside. We went on a little adventure trying to find different colored leaves - Benjamin just picked up any leaves!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well we had a GREAT time carving our pumpkin today and going trick or treating! The highlight had to have been Benjamin passing out the candy tonight! He was so sweet and wanted to give the kids candy. He wasn't too excited about going at first, he couldn't figure out why WE just didn't give him candy. He knew we had loads to hand out, why couldn't he just have it :)
We finally got him out ... and he was READY!

We first stopped at the Lindquists for a family photo...

Then we were really set to go... up and down the "hills" of our neiborhood with the Lindquists. We tried telling Benjamin to say "trick-or-treat" ... but that's a little bit much for his vocabulary. He did say "thank you" to almost everyone in sign language - but not too many people knew what he was saying -- but it's the thought that counts! Jonathan took Benjamin to the ONE really scarey house and he loved it, he came out saying... "rawwww"! Here is a picture of Benjamin and Jonathan actually trick-or-treating...

After trick-or-treating ... we headed for home so that Benjamin could check out his candy and FINALLY see the jack o' lantern we had been working on which he helped clean out! He was most interested in what was beneath his HAT ...
and also looking inside to see why he was lit up so BRIGHT!

Home at last ... now time for daddy to hand out candy ... LOTS of it, me to clean up, and bath for Benjamin ... BUT ... we figured out that he LOVED handing out the candy! Right after prayers, and before bed... the door bell rang again ... Benjamin ran to the window, grabbed some candy and was waiting to give it to our trick-or-treaters! He was a BIG help! What a GREAT evening!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Date to the Duck Pond!

Well if anyone loves ducks as much as I do ... it would have to be Benjamin! One of my favorite past-times, while living in Provo, was riding my bike to one of several duck ponds! Now we still can ... but there are usually only 3 ducks -- two white ducks, and one mallard which has a green head!

Yesterday we went for a walk to see "our" ducks -- Benjamin LOVES when they start quacking! "kak-kak" was actually one of the first words he ever said ... fitting that he can now say "duck" and "quack quack". Benjamin also LOVES to throw anything he can find into the pond ... just thought I'd share a few pictures of one of our favorite places, and doing one of our favorite things... the two pictures are of Benjamin "LISTENING" ... and his reaction after they started "QUACKING!"
There are several boulders on one side of the pond... it was nice and cool -- and Benjamin just sat in my lap ...
what a sweet moment for a mother!

Ward Halloween Party!

Well Benjamin sure loved the idea of dressing up to get his OWN candy --- and that he got to eat at the party! We had a fun time at our ward Halloween party ... Every year I ams so determined to think of something for Jonathan to wear ... and I've struck out the 3rd year in a row... I need to get to thinking earlier I guess!

Benjamin is a little golfer this year ... he's figured out that if he wears his costume... he gets to get candy! We are excited to go trick-or-treating on Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Saying Thank you, Thank you in his OWN SPECIAL WAY!

This to me all in all describes Benjamin's personality! He is a very sweet natured child and loves us! He is getting so good at saying please and thank you -- vocally and through sign language. I love this picture -- a candid shot as he thanks Jonathan for giving him "more cake"!

Rachel's Birthday

Well Jonathan made me a birthday cake on Sunday -- and per my request -- only iced half of it ... who has chocolate icing on a butter pecan cake! I enjoyed my ice cream and cake. Benjamin LOVED blowing out the candles, and even more - eating the cake!

Visiting the Owens

Here are some fun pictures from our trip up to North Georgia! Benjamin and I enjoyed the day with my sister's family at Prater's Mill while Jonathan was playing golf. Benjamin had a blast with his cousins and aunts and uncles. He LOVED the cat that they had and playing outside!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ringgold Football Game!

We enjoyed going to the Ringgold Footbal game on Friday night -- it was pretty chilly but we cuddled under blankets! Benjamin's favorite was the mascot Tiger! They won 51-20!

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Well -- like many others -- we went to visit the Pumpkin Patch... but with our playgroup! We heard lots of fun stories and then got to enjoy all the pumpkins. Benjamin REALLY enjoyed picking up the walnuts -- and trying to place them on the pumpkins. You will see -- that Benjamin had his own mind made up about a few things...