Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Take out the PAPERS and the TRASH!

Benjamin's 1st "CHORE" -- well he'll do ANYTHING to get to go OUTSIDE!! He even crawled out the door holding onto the bag ... adorable -- only if he'll keep this up for years to come :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anniversary Trip to Old Savannah!

Jonathan and I had the INCREDIBLE chance of going to Savannah for our 4th Anniversary! My mom came to keep Benjamin and he had a GREAT time! He got to go on a date with Mom Mom and she even bought him some new "Little People!"

Jonathan and I left Friday afternoon and headed to Savannah. We arrived and ate at the FAMOUS "Lady and Sons Restaurant" -- famous but I don't know that we'd go there again. Then we spent the evening walking down River Street.

After getting to SLEEP IN... we took a trolley tour of Savannah which was a LOT of fun. We got to see all the beautiful old homes, churches and squares. Our tour guide was African American ... and a HOOT!

We ate lunch at Huey's -- and it was YUM! We did a little walking around town (REALLY HOT!) -- before heading back to Augusta. What a special trip and treasure for Jonathan and I. We were very greatful that my Mom offered to keep Benjamin! We're hoping for a longer 5 year Anniversary trip :) Benjamin will be a year old -- and can stay at my parent's for a few days.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Benjamin LOVES spending time in his pool - AND big Pools! This is his FRIENDLY Girraffe as he gives him a nice "mmm-ma" which is a HUGE and a KISS!

Here Benjamin is trying to fill the cup -- His all time favorite pool toys are the hose, a plastic Braves cup and a plastic spoon!

Here Benjamin is showing us his swimming techniques! He believes that swimming is laying down and putting the SIDE of your face in the water :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Post

Just wanted to welcome everyone to our family blog. I've enjoyed putting it together and hope to keep it up-to-date as I learn more. Jonathan takes his first set of boards this Thursday, August 16. We are excited and nervous- but I'm sure he'll do GREAT. Jonathan and I will then go to Savannah for our anniversary and Benjamin will stay with my parents. We are MOST excited for our family vacation to Utah/Jackson Hole. Benjamin will get to go to his FIRST BYU Football game. He's already been to a Women's soccer game and Men's basketball game -we're hoping he'll be TRUE BLUE. Aside from vacationing... I will also try and update everyone as to happenings, fun days, and good news at our house. I LOVE recipes - so I will try and post one every now and again. Please feel free to send me your family favorites.
LOVE to each of YOU. --
Rachel, Jonathan and Benjamin