Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breaking the ICE!

Yesterday we decided to go and feed the ducks some old cereal that we've been saving for them. Although we couldn't get the ducks to come over, we had a great time playing in the leaves and seeing the ice and leaves floating on the pond until...

I gave Benjamin a stick to "break the ice" with. Somehow I failed to tell him he had to stay on the bank -and use the stick to break the ice ... boy did he break it - he ran RIGHT in to the pond! He quickly realized that unlike the leaves and ice that were floating on top of the water ... HE DID not float! We both "panicked" and I hurried to get him out of the water ... then I was worried that his toes were going to freeze off on the way back to the car -- poor kid! But all was well -- got him back to the car, socks off, shoes off, pants off - and drove the 2 minutes home and got new ones!

(wet pants!)
Just goes to show ... mom should have explained the joy of breaking the ice a little better!

"Little Boy" ...and your big cardboard box!

As Christmas is just around the corner ... we are getting more and more boxes in the mail! One of Benjamin's current favorite books is:
This short story with wonderful illustrations is about a little boy ... and his adventures - and so many of them with his BIG CARDBOARD BOX! So as the boxes come in ... I try and save the ones I need for wrapping gifts ... but I often let Benjamin have them to play in - and he LOVES it... as you will see for yourself!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kids Shoes!

So ... I've been LOOKING and LOOKING to find Benjamin some Sunday shoes ... that will go with kakki pants OR some of his John-John type outfits ... and I FINALLY found some! They have cute boy and girl shoes ... I don't exactly like ANY of the clothes on the website, but they do have cute shoes! Here's the link if anyone's interested:
They came today and they FIT -- he loves them because they "squeak" although we will have to take the squeakers out before church!!
Here are his SHOES!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Latest and GREATEST free-bies!

So ... Jonathan and I love getting "free" things...
some we have to do a little work for but not a LOT!

Here's our latest and greatest...

** $30 for doing the Nielsen TV Survey -- if an 888 or 800 # from Florida calls... answer it! This year it was just a week survey - but they send you CASH at the beginning of the survey!
(Last year we did a month long survey and got $150 ... just in time for Christmas!!)

** Order and Shipping FREE from Snapfish! I stayed up until 11:45 getting some pictures edited... 30 free prints for being a "good customer" a free 8X10 that I've been wanting of Benjamin and FREE shipping on the whole order!

Quantity Item Total
13 4x6 print(s) $1.17
17 4x5.3 trueDigital print(s) $1.53
1 8x10 print(s) $2.99
31 glossy finish $0.00
30 Customer Service Credit for 4x6(s) $-2.70
1 free 8x10" print credits $-2.99
cost of prints: $2.46
Subtotal: $0.00
Shipping & Handling:standard: $0.00
Prints Order Total: $0.00

** 10% off some shoes I ordered for Benjamin online ... PLUS no sales tax

**30% off Gap/Old Navy ... I think all in all a few friends and family and I ordered $600 or $700 in clothing ... so the net savings was about $200!! And the 30% off was even on SALE stuff!

** We currently have (Jonathan and I) two $100 airline credit vouchers ... where can we go... those were from our trip to Boston ... where we ended up driving back from Charlotte and getting the rental car paid for, $130 credited back to our credit card for the flight ... AND ... the two $100 vouchers... all I can say is Jonathan LOVES customer service!

** Lastly... this week I get 20% off on Kroger items for being a Kroger employee... thank goodness for a GREAT job!

Probably a lot of work for a few bucks here and there ... but all of the pennies add up to dollars ... did I mention that I was able to get gas for a TOTAL of $25.00 yesterday! That was NONE of my doing ... except the 20 cents off per gallon that we get at Kroger for buying groceries there!

Sorry no pictures... I'll try and post a couple ... soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Incline Railroad!

Train Is A' Comin'!

Yesterday ... instead of watching football ALL Day ... I BEGGED Jonathan to take us somewhere fun in Chattanooga before and afternoon/evening of football! I was originally hoping for a hike - but we decided to go to Lookout Mountain and try out the Incline Railroad -- it was a LOT of fun - especially since Jonathan and Benjamin love trains!

The train ride was nice and slow (just one car) ... and went down the steep moutain. I was a little nervous at first about the speed ... but after we got going and I realized how SLOW the ride was going to be, things were GREAT! The leaves were AMAZING as the train passed the hardwood trees and being up so high and seeing all of Chattanooga was spectacular! We had a blast being together as a family!

Here's a cute shot of Mary and Benjamin looking out the window just before we left for our outing...


Halloween .... 2008!

Benjamin had a HAPPY Halloween ALL Day! He got to dress up (as the mailman ... which was the costume he picked out!) for preschool - where they got a HUGE bag full of candy! He was thrilled! They got to have a pizza party as well that day with pizza, cheetos, ice cream and juice boxes -- my kind of party!

I picked him up from school a little early ... so we could head up to North Georgia. He was AWESOME in the car - and we didn't even have to stop... a HUGE bonus was the Atlanta traffic was not bad at all!
Benjamin got to trick-or-treat with lots of his cousins ... and got just enough candy for him!

We ended the night at a wonderful Ringgold High School football game ... it was perfect football weather - where you needed a coat and mittens for Benjamin and just someone warm to cuddle up next to! Ringgold won by a landslide ... Benjamin was THRILLED to be at the game for the first 3 and 1/2 quarters ... and yelled, "Go TIGERS" as much and as often as he could!
ps ... sorry for the bad coloring on some of the pictures... I don't have my PhotoShop!