Monday, April 30, 2012

Micah's 3rd BIRTHDAY!!

 Happy  3rd Birthday to our Favorite MICAH!!

So we actually celebrated Micah's birthday the same day as Jacob's birthday celebration ... and YES - that was a LOT of cake!  Benjamin had a friend birthday party to attend at Chuck-E-Cheese ... so we all went along and celebrated Micah's birthday too!
 Micah BARELY made it through his little party - and we felt SO bad when we got home to figure out that he had a FEVER!  Poor kiddo! 
He did ENJOY opening his presents and blowing out his candles - but he probably would've just slept through the rest!
Micah is such a sweet and QUIET little guy!  We love the love that he shares with us!

Jacob's 1st BIRTHDAY!

 Happy 1st Birthday to our little Jacob-Roo!
 Don't you just LOVE those glowing eyes!  "Dad" let him have a taste before we put the candles on!
 And then ... he finally got his 1 little candle!
 The boys were excited to help him celebrate!
 He was happy to get a piece all to himself!
 Unfortunately after cake time - when it was time to open presents, Jacob was EXHAUSTED and just ready to go to bed - not to mention that he DID NOT like the party hat - poor little guy!  
 We love this little man and all of the joy that he brings to our family!  We were bummed to celebrate his birthday late - but he didn't mind!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jared and Jenny's Wedding!

 Jonathan's brother, Jared and his now wife Jenny, got married in Utah over Jonathan and Jacob's birthday weekend ... so Jacob got to come along!

Here we are with the newlyweds...
 The big GROUP photo...
Since it was Jonathan's birthday ... we got to do some fun things!  Jonathan has always wanted to play golf at the golf course near the Salt Lake Airport... so we did!

We ate lunch at the Lion House, walked around Temple Square and Salt Lake, hike at Bridal Veil Falls, and visit some dear friends!!  We even were able to stay with the Hobsons which was such a TREAT!!  Why didn't we take more pictures!
 Jacob and Rachel...
Jonathan, Rachel and Jacob at Temple Square!
Jonathan and Jacob on Temple Square - Happy 32nd Birthday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lots of EASTER ... 2012!

EASTER ...  
included LOTS of Easter Egg hunts before we finally celebrated Easter on Easter Sunday!  

Our first egg hunt was our annual (and growing larger every year!) FHE Egg Hunt!  Micah was just happy to get a few eggs - while Benjamin was bummed that he didn't find the prize egg! 
Most of the kids at our Egg Hunt... I'm sure it will GROW even larger next year!
 Jacob was content with the 2 eggs Nana helped him to find...
 Benjamin and Micah BOTH had egg hunts at school... Benjamin's was a no-parent egg hunt - but we got to go to Micah's!
 Micah was a little embarrassed at first but then got more than his fair share!
Micah's cute little preschool class!
 Conference Weekend ... the boys got to have an egg hunt put on by Mom Mom with two of their cousins!  There were LOTS of eggs!!

Micah found one of the prize eggs with money in it!
 Our family at the cabin...
 The Monday BEFORE Easter ... we were able to go to the Owens (Grandaddy and Grandma's) for a BIG cousin egg hunt!  The kids had fun!
 Easter Bunny - Saturday!! 
 Jacob was SO excited about his pacifiers!
 The boys looking in their Easter baskets!
 We love celebrating Easter Sunday by going to church and rejoicing in the life and Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ!  We are so blessed to have the Gospel in our lives...
 the boys were pretty tired after church... so we had to take separate pictures...
the boys with Jonathan - HANDSOME!
Happy Easter from the Owens!