Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just wanted to say a HUGE
to Jonathan ...
We've been waiting so PATIENTLY (well trying at least ...although everyday at 11:15 - I'd get a text message ... no matter what Jonathan was in the middle of, asking if the mail came yet that day) to get his scores back - and the final scores came in on Saturday!
So here goes for his board scores:
Manikin (taken October 2008): 98
ADEX (taken December 2008): 90
Part 1 (taken August 2007): 85
Part 2 (taken December 2008): 82
So I would have to say he did AWESOME! He is now trying to get an externship (anyone know the difference between intership and externship) with a dentist that he is thinking about working for in NORTH Atlanta (emphasizing the NORTH part!!) We are excited to move and get started with the next phase of our life. Heavenly Father has certainly blessed us! THANK GOODNESS ... all of those BIG tests are over ... one more "live" board - on a real person ... which hopefully will go well ... and then we're home free!
Benjamin and I feel so blessed to have Jonathan in our lives. He has worked so hard with school and different jobs and been a great dad and husband at the same time - WOW! We can't wait to be with him when he walks across the stage -maybe even with a little one to help cheer his dad on! We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My parents took us to a Japanese restaurant called Taki in Macon when we went last weekend! This was Benjamin's first experience and he was in "awe" of the cooking in front of us ... and LOVED the food. He probably ate more than I did. He thought it was awesome to use the "choppersticks" which he refered to them as a couple days ago - not remembering EXACTLY how to say the name. It was a LOT of fun! Sorry for the blurry family picture ... someone at our table took it - and I hated to ask for a "retake"! Still no baby tummy pictures ... but maybe we will take some this weekend! Several people have asked - he is DEFINITELY in there now ... and just as active as Benjamin was. I'm still trying to run everyday -- and trying to stay around the 20 pound MAX ... that I had with Benjamin... time will tell!
Benj eating with his chopsticks ... and quite well I might add... maybe we should try this at home!
Drinking the soup with the soup spoon:

Newest 2009 Home Improvement!

After putting too much money into our dying car... we decided to get a NEW one! So... here's our newest "home or car" improvement...
A white CAMRY XLE with gray leather interior ... we LOVE it!

Of course, those of you who know Jonathan ... probably know he got the best deal possible ... including our windows tinted for FREE, a lifetime warranty on the drivetrain, $500 off the day we bought it because they were supposed to have it to us the previous day, 0% interest for 3 years ... which means we have NO incentive whatsoever to pay it off early as our money will just sit in the bank and EARN interest ... and who knows what else!
It is REALLY fun to drive and smells so nice and new! We're hoping to keep it in the family for AWHILE ... as our Honda - though still running strong, is aging as well!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas for the TWEETERS!

Benjamin and I had a blast making Christmas presents for the birds the Monday before Christmas. We collected the pine cones at the trails near our house ... then tied the strings on, "painted" the cones in peanut butter ... then rolled them in birdseed! The best was making our little tree so cute with the pine cones treats we made for our bird friends!
Painting with Peanut Butter!
Notice that he's not trying to get dirty ... at least not yet! The bird seed did end up bouncing EVERYWHERE - but we swept the extra up and tossed them out in the grass!

Remembering the Holidays!

I can't believe that Christmas and New Year's came and went so fast! We had a wonderful time visiting with almost all of our family!

We started Christmas at our house on Sunday morning, since Jonathan would be busy studying and taking his last board on Monday and Tuesday. We then spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Florida at Jonathan's mom's ... and had a blast! Then a quick trip to the beach for the weekend to spend with my family... we were ALL there - and enjoyed being together. Lastly a New Year's Eve celebration at Jonathan's dad's watching the annual Owens's fireworks display (the finale is always the BEST), watching the ball drop and watching lots of football!
Here are a few favorite pictures! Somehow I didn't take ANY pictures at New Year's ... probably because we were so exhausted from Benjamin's 5 days and nights of a fever... we DID finally take him in to the doctor ... double ear infections and possibly pink eye! Thankfully he's better now!
Here are a few pictures of Christmas at our house:
Grammy and Grampy (aka "Drampy and Drammy") are definitely two of my favorite people! They are so attentive to Benjamin and really make his world when we are in town to visit! Here is Grammy reading to Benjamin...
and Grampy and Benjamin digging holes!
Our Christmas Eve Party... which included Benjamin dressing up as ALL of the nativity people ... because the other little cousins were crying! Benjamin within 3 minutes was: Joseph holding baby Jesus (a towel wrapped up... and he couldn't figure out where the baby was!), a wise man, an angel, a sheep and I'm probably leaving something else out! Pretty funny!
Aunt Tammy helping Benjamin get dressed:
A "wise sheep":
Benjamin loves Nana - he always gets her undivided attention!
Christmas Morning at Nana's:
Doesn't Santa bring every dentist's kid a toothbrush and toothpaste!
Here are a few fun beach pictures... my sister Laura running ... with Daisy trying to keep up, and Benjamin trying to CATCH UP to both of them!
Benjamin excited to see his shadow on the sand!
I have to NOTE ... that my two favorite moments were:
1. walking hand in hand with jonathan at night on the beach - seeing the millions of stars above and knowing that my marriage is eternal with him...
2. walking hand in hand with benjamin (with baby brother in tummy) and having the best conversations with this little guy ... and knowing we are an enteral family!