Thursday, June 12, 2008

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday!

Well Benjamin turned 2 on June 4th but we didn't have his party until Saturday, June 7th
(which was the planned date - which ended up being perfect because of the hand, foot and mouth
virus and not being able to be around anyone until he got better!)
We are so excited that we had lots of his little friends (and their parents) to help celebrate his birthday ...
along with my parents and sister!
A Few Funny Things (caught on camera!):
Lili (isn't she a doll!) trying to get into the dumptruck with Benjamin .. still in the box!
Benjamin couldn't blow out any candles ... because they wouldn't light!
The only time the WHOLE entire day that the wind actually blew!
AND the nice finger prints in the cake!
OH ... and might I add that the beach ball ended up looking more like
the Pepsi symbol than a red (PINK!!) , white and green beach ball...
Abby and Emma having a blast in the sandbox!
Abby, Benjamin and Lili playing with the squirting beachball!
(a b-day gift... we had to open right then and there!)
The group picture ... where you can see - 3 kids (including Benjamin) ... crying and trying to get up as quickly as possible!
Benjamin in his "NEW CAR" that he just couldn't wait to get into ... no roof even yet!
Jonathan trying to help Bridger into the squirting ball... no go!
Benjamin highly enjoying his cheetos!
And one of my favorite pictures: a typical 2 year old party ...
no 2 kids really playing TOGETHER and each doing his/her own thing!
We had a great time and we were glad that the EXTREME heat held off until after the party! I was a little bummed that we didn't get a family picture ... who forgets to take that?? But at least we were all there!

Home Away from Home ...

Utah - my home away from home! Benjamin and I were blessed by Jonathan's GREAT idea to go to Utah ... just the 2 of us - because airplane fairs (at the time) - were such a GREAT deal... and Benjamin was just UNDER 2 ... we actually flew back to Georgia the day before his 2nd birthday! The trip all in all was a BLAST ... minus an ILLNESS that Benjamin contracted!
So here's our trip in pictures:
1. "I'm going there someday!"
The gate outside of the Salt Lake Temple.
2 & 3. Benjamin in front of Temple Square/ Benjamin & I in front of the Christus statue.
4. Benjamin playing in the fountains.

5 & 6. Benjamin headed to the Temple/Benjamin walking around the fountain.

7 & 8. Benjamin and Briana at the park, Benjamin in the tunnel.
9. Benjamin and Briana eating ice cream on the front steps -
can you tell who Benjamin's favorite "sister" is...

10. Lucas, Savannah, Benjamin and Briana eating ice cream... popsicles and ice cream were part of the daily routine!

11. Savannah, Lucas, Briana and Benjamin at Thanksgiving Point.
11. Briana in the Secret Garden at Thanksgiving Point.
12. Benjamin and I at Thanksgiving Point.
13. Lynette and I in front of the flowers at Thanksgiving Point.

14. Me, Brittany, Lynette, Megan and Justin at Carraba's after their highschool graduation!

15. Benjamin and Romney playing outside ...
they were both so on the go - this is the closest I could get to getting them BOTH in the picture!

16. AND saving the best for last... a NEW baby!
My college roommate Laura - had her baby Monday, June 2nd ... so I was able to go and see baby Olivia and Laura --she was only 6 hours old!
BUT... I didn't get to hold Olivia BECAUSE... we thought Benjamin had an ear infection... then decided it was definitely NOT his ears but his throat... so of course we thought Strep throat... BUT after a LONG day in 3 airports... lots of crying, and "my hurting, my hurting"... we went to the doctor Wednesday - on Benjamin's birthday... and he had...
NOPE - not chicken pox like last year for his 1 year b-day gift... this year for his 2nd birthday he got the HAND, FOOT and MOUTH VIRUS!
So I'm hoping 2 years of random children's diseases ... hopefully we can take next year off!
Highlights of the trip included visiting LOTS of friends, staying with the Heideman's, going to our nephew/cousin Richard's b-day (I didn't have my camera), going to the Provo Temple, Brittany and Megan's graduation... 2 girls that I LOVE, going to Thanksgiving Point and Temple Square, shopping and seeing Laura's new baby! The only thing we missed out on was a hike ... but VERY hard to do with a 2 year old! Seeing the mountains was ALMOST good enough :)

Visiting Grandma and Mom Mom!

Benjamin and I were able to go to Macon to visit when my Grandma was in town! Here are a few pictures of Benjamin's Mom Mom (my mom) and Grandma (his great-grandmother) ... and one of him supposedly filling up the dog's bowl... you will see he's probably getting more water in him than in the bowl! You will see this HAT in MANY MANY pictures because his skin is so fair... so he gets to wear it a lot!

A Beach Vacation!

So ... it's been awhile - but you will see why! We've been having so much fun that I haven't had too many minutes to stop and blog about all our fun! These pictures are of our family beach trip to St. George Island - Florida in EARLY May!! Thanks to my parents - we were able to stay for 5 days... and had lots of fun together! One highlight has to be... Jonathan casting the fishing pole - only to see 1/2 of it go flying off into the waves! It was recovered about 10 minutes later. The boys had a BLAST digging in the sand, feeding the seagulls, jumping in the waves and being 100% boys. The weather was better than perfect! My mom and sister, Laura, joined us for the weekend which was a nice bonus!