Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"The Beach House!"

ALMOST a YEAR later... I'm hopefully back to blogging...
but with 1000's of pictures to edit - this may take awhile!

We celebrated the NEW YEAR at St. George Island at:
"The Beach House!"

Here's a sweet picture of Jacob and me!

Micah really did chase those seagulls probably a 1/2 mile down the beach!
Thanks to Aunt Laura for going to get him!!

Here are the Ray and Owens cousins!

William and Benjamin had lots of fun together this trip!

Aunt Laura got lots of quality nephew time and helped me out LOTS!

I LOVE when I catch these two playing TOGETHER!

Thankfully Jonathan was able to join us for the weekend and they made a fun sandcastle!

After Jacob ate fist-fulls of sand, I resorted to bringing crackers for him to eat!

Uncle Scott is pretty much a big KID! He LOVES building things...
and explaining things - even to Benjamin to asks a MILLION questions!
The "Great Wall" was just one of the many sand features that were made!

Enjoyed our time - like always at "the Beach House!"