Sunday, February 10, 2008

SkI tRiP!!

Well -- SORRY I am so behinded at updating everyone -- but things have been VERY busy! Jonathan and I were able to go on the Owens family ski trip to Utah this year! We skiied at Snowbird and Alta! Benjamin stayed with my parents and had a blast ... I still wonder if he missed us. The snow was AMAZING ... I personally would much rather ski in powder except your legs get so TIRED ... but falling is so light and fluffy! AND ... just for the record, Jonathan and I were on the winning team for the "ski competition!"
1. Jonathan and I at Snowbird!
2. Sarah, Me, and Lindsay getting ready to head down the slopes!
3. Jonathan took me down a black diamond -"CARBONATE" - only my career 2nd ... but it wasn't so bad BECAUSE there was so much powder ... I'm holding to 2 blacks ...
at least until next year!
4. so here is the gang (minus Lisa and Daniel who did get to ski Saturday afternoon with us!)
Eric, Justin, Jordan, Mathew, Lindsey, Gene, Paul, Sarah, Me, and Jonathan ... we will need MORE GIRLS for next year!!
5. Me and Laura Hobson at Cafe Rio ... a 100% all time favorite Restaurant of ours! We were able to visit the Hobsons and the Heidemans while we were in Utah ... but such SHORT visits, it was just not long enough!
The 4 day "vacation" was great - and as always, it was WONDERFUL to be in Utah. We were able to also attend the Provo Temple while we were there which holds a special place in my heart! My biggest "regret" ... was that I wasn't able to go to President Hinckley's funeral. Between only having one car ... and Jonathan not wanting me to stand in line by myself for hours in Salt Lake (although it's probably one of the safest places on earth!!) ... I went skiing instead. I have had the opportunity to watch the funeral since then ... but I just WANTED to be there. I LOVED skiing the day with Jonathan and family - but I still regret not being able to go
Maybe next time :)
I guess as President Hinckley says, "things will work out!"
The best part was being with family, seeing old friends, being in Utah - and most of all, a nice weekend just with Jonathan! We missed Benjamin and I couldn't get enough of him when we got home - but we had a BLAST!