Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Cabin, Stone Mountain, and Coca-Cola Adventures!

Jonathan's brother, Albert, came to stay with us for a WHOLE week - it was AWESOME! He was so great with the boys and a big help to me! Any other aunts/uncles want to come -- you're welcome ANYTIME - we would LOVE it! Here are the the three "big" adventures we went on!
Up to the cabin ... and a fun hike at "Fall Branch Falls"...
There really were lots of "fallen branches" - some Benjamin could just duck under!
Benjamin at the trailhead!
Our little family...
Since we were on "that-side-of-town" ... and had the raft in the trunk and Benjamin's lifejacket - we decided that the boys could go on down the Toccoa River...
Here they are IN the water ... think they had fun!

Here are my sweet boys at the TOP of Stone Mountain!
Here's our little gang at the top!
Albert "introducing" Micah to the sheep - he LOVES animals but wasn't quite sure at first!
Gotta love this one:
Benjamin: "Micah, say "cheese"..."
So Micah got BRAVE and did touch the goat ... but just with ONE finger!
Micah, Aunt Laura, Benjamin, and Uncle Albert at the TOP of Stone Mountain!

Albert, Coca-Cola Bear, Benjamin, me and Micah... the bear could even BLINK - that was awesome!!
Benjamin hugging the bears - he LOVES all dressed up people/animals etc.!
Micah, Me and Benjamin tasting the sodas!

Laura and my Mom at the Varsity -- a must go (and I actually like the food!)

Albert and Benjamin at the Varsity!

Micah's 1st trip to the Varsity - but he wouldn't eat ANYTHING - and hardly the food that I brought for him ... he was TIRED! - oh, and he REALLY does not like to wear hats ...

We had such a fun week! Now on for more adventures and fun with the family!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

4th of July visit to Nana's!

I know I know ... so far behind and oh so many pictures .... but this is mostly just so that ONE DAY ... I will put together a blurb book with all of my blogs!
We had such a fun time in Florida for the 4th of July and a few extra days! Here are a few of the things we did:
Benjamin of course got to ride the golfcart with Grampy and help him do some farm/yard work!

Albert and Benjamin shucked the $.10 corn for our 4th (3rd) of July BBQ!

Here's Micah and I at Aunt Jenny's before dinner...

We went to see the Fireworks over Lake Butler:
Spencer, Albert, Cheri, Benjamin, Jonathan and Micah

Love this picture of Jonathan and Micah!

Here's a fun picture of the boys!

4th of July family picture...

The boys with Nana - both being silly!

Grampy played "Green Eggs and Ham" with Benjamin: I just L-O-V-E these moments!

Benjamin and Albert eating 4th of July dinner with the missionaries!

Grammy and Grampy with Micah before they left to go to Orlando!

Albert, Jonathan, Rachel, Benjamin and Cheri (*and Spencer) ... about to go rafting/tubing down the Ichetucknee River - COLD!

Albert and Benjamin in the water -- the water is so clear! We got to see some turtles and a few other fun wildlife plants/animals!

Jonathan, Benjamin, and I all on this one little tube!

The boys playing in the rain and hose ... so fun!

Benjamin riding on Albert's back in the pool!

Micah is really getting fun in the pool!

Both boys swimming at the same time!

Nana made snowcones for us - the boys were in heaven (me too!)

We had such a fun time - Jonathan and I even got to go to the Orlando Temple which was AMAZING! We love our visits to see family in Florida and treasure all of the memories!