Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Jammies and Cookies!

Since we've had three boys born at about the same time of year ... they've all had the chance to wear these fun striped Christmas jammies ... two of which we've taken their cookie eating pictures in! A fun little family tradition - they are brothers but definitely you will see all have their very own look!

So here's our newest little guy... Jacob...

Third child TOTALLY gets to eat the cookies!!

Micah (2 years ago!)

Benjamin (5 years ago) ...

and he only got to smell the cookies!

And we'll see if in a few more years ... we'll get to add any more to this fun little family tradition!
Since we've had three boys born at about the same time of year ... they've all had the chance to wear these fun striped Christmas jammies ... two of which we've taken their cookie eating pictures in! A fun little family tradition - they are brothers but definitely you will see all have their very own look!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Our Christmas Festivities started out at the Hunter Christmas Tree farm where we got a BIG tree for the Family Room and cut down a little tree for the playroom! Here's the best family picture we could capture...

This is one of my FAVORITES...

Here are all THREE boys and the norm for trying to get them to look at the camera - still so cute of them!!

This is the kids tree - and Micah would NOT help Benjamin - what a little stinker!
Santa has a house JUST up the road that we went to for FHE one night! You put your name on the list and then you get your OWN one-on-one time with him (for as LONG or short as you want!) It was WONDERFUL!
Here's our family waiting to see Santa...

Here are all three boys with Santa! My favorite was that Santa explained the REAL reason
that we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus Christ! LOVED IT!

Nana and Uncle Albert came with us - which was a special treat!

Here's little Micah at his preschool program! He was an angel ... with a runny nose! He LOVES to sing but didn't sing in the program!
His class sang "Jingle Bells" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!" So cute!

We rode the Christmas train in Blue Ridge!
Christmas sweaters...

Gingerbread houses!

Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve!

This is one of my FAVORITES ... the boys getting Santa cookies and milk!
Boys on the stairs waiting to see what Santa brought!

LOVE this one of the boys "rounding" the corner ... little Jacob with feet in the air!

This is Benjamin THRILLED to see that Santa brought him HERMIT CRABS!

Our Christmas Tree just after Santa came ;)

Here's a picture of my Mom and Jacob on Christmas night...

Our Family Christmas Picture... 2011!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quick trip to Salt Lake!

We took a quick weekend trip to Salt Lake mostly for Jonathan and I to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra Concert with some awesome friends!! We also squeezed in a yummy dinner at The Roof Restaurant - the desserts are SO yummy!
We forgot the camera that evening - so sadly no pictures on Temple Square at night ... but here are a few of the pictures we DID get!!
Family picture on Temple Square (DAY TIME... with Micah hiding!)
Boys on Temple Square - Benjamin's hands were FREEZING so he was fighting back the tears when we were trying to take this picture! Poor guy!
This was probably our FAVORITE day even though little Micah had a fever! We stayed up at Park City and got to swim in the hots tubs - which were next to the ski lifts!!
(See right behind Benjamin the chair going up!)
Here are all of the boys in the pool ... the steam kept getting in front of their faces ... and it was so cute - Jacob's hair when it got wet froze in the cold air - we LOVED swimming here!
Here we were at a BYU basketball game ... by this day, Jacob was sick so he and I only stayed half of the game - they lost by 2 points - BUMMER!
And last but not least - another fun FIRST ... we went tubing! Jacob wasn't old enough to go - but we still had lots of fun taking turns with Benjamin and Micah!
Sad that the boys were sick but we really did have a blast on our little trip!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall full of THANKSGIVING!

Jonathan and I were able to go to the UGA vs Auburn Football game thanks to tickets from Dr. Swanson, and my mom keeping the boys!! The boys had fun with her and we enjoyed a "date" with Jacob!
The boys and I went down to my parents for a weekend and decided to take a "trip" to the farm! It was probably the coldest day yet of the year - but they enjoyed seeing the cows and Benjamin went on a tractor and 4-wheeler ride - Micah is still a little hesitant!
Here's a picture of Jacob and Poppy!
Here are the boys in front of a HUGE roll of hay!
This is Jacob on his 7 month BIRTHDAY!
AND... Happy Thanksgiving!
This was Benjamin's school Thanksgiving Feast! Lots of treats!
Micah and Benjamin at the Feast!
...and a quick picture of Jonathan and I on Thanksgiving Day at the Owens's for dinner!
The day after Thanksgiving we headed to the cabin... my boys FAVORITE part of the weekend was probably Uncle Scott making a RAFT out of a rope, sticks, and leaves that really did float down the creek behind the cabin! Wish I had an up-close picture of it!
They LOVE Uncle Scott!
We did roast a few marshmallows...
...and really enjoyed spending time with family!
We also took a "field trip" to the feed store! It really is more like a "pet shop" and the boys LOVE all of the animals. Here's Micah checking out the chicks!
We had a FUN November and we are so GRATEFUL for the many blessings of family, health, a home, job, the Gospel and countless other blessings with which the Lord blesses us!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Few Fall Favorites!

We just had a 110% fun fall... filled with lots of family outings, field trips and fun dates! This was probably my FAVORITE ...
a date with Jonathan to the CORN MAZE!
One playgroup field trip that we went on (twice actually!) was to the Atlanta Temple. The kids were great and we were even able to walk around the Temple grounds one of the two times with them! What an amazing experience with amazing women and our little ones!
Micah loves Jacob and is so sweet to him!
This was on my 30th birthday - what a WONDERFUL gift -this little guy's smiles!
Jonathan actually got me a COOKIE cake and this Carrot cake!
We had LOTS of cake to eat!
We went to dinner at Maggiano's - the boys were a bit of a handful but it was nice to eat out!
This is a sweet picture - Micah giving Benjamin "5" after he had completed all of his laps for the Boosterthon at school!
This is Micah's little preschool class at Mt. Zion - Farmer Day and a wagon ride!
Micah excited to go on the wagon ride!
Benjamin's class went on a field trip to Cagle's Dairy and I got to meet him there!
He LOVED petting the animals ... the calves were so sweet!
This is Benjamin with his friend, Christina, on the wagon ride! She is a sweet girl with GREAT parents ...
love when Benjamin is friends with GOOD children!
This is another of Benjamin's Friends at his Fall Party - Elaina Dustin, who is actually in his class at church as well! It has been such a blessing this year!
Last but not least... one of my favorite pictures of this ADORABLE little guy on his SIX month birthday! We LOVE him so much!