Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I'm going to give the cookbook a SHOT ... even though I don't have enough "BUYERS" yet... I'm hoping for more! I've got a back-up plan if we don't get enough buyers to print it ... BUT... if ANYONE wants to be a co-author and pull in their friends/family ... then we'd probably hit our 100! I'll still do all the leg work - as far as the book and collecting recipes goes ... we'd just have a bigger circle of friends! Give me a call/email - I'd love a helper!
Here are the categories:
Appetizers and Beverages
Soups and Salads
Vegetables and Side Dishes
Main Dishes
Breads and Rolls
Cookies and Candies
This and That - which will include BREAKFAST recipes!
I would love for these to be your FAVORITE recipes ... including family recipes that you are hopefully willing to share!! Everyone is "allowed" to share as many or as few as they'd like ... but try to stay within 2-3 per category (but if you have a few extra AWESOME ones... exceptions allowed). Some ladies are just wanting to submit 1-2 recipes TOTAL while others have LOTS to share! Either way - I think it's going to turn out GREAT!
Please email me as soon as you can ... let me know if you need my email address! Our INITIAL deadline is going to be:
Friday, February 5th!
I will send out a reminder email towards the middle of next week! I'm EXCITED!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So ... I think I'm going to put together a friends and family RECIPE BOOK! I LOVE getting good recipes from friends and family - and thought it would be fun to collect them from YOU ... and put them in a book! I'm hoping to get this little project going soon ... so let me know as soon as possible if you're interested! I may bug some of you ... just because I know you are amazing in the kitchen! I will probably come up with a "category list" soon ... it would be great if everyone wants to participate! Feel free to comment or email me!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Snowman FRIEND!

It snowed... and along came with the snow ... came the best dad in the world home from work EARLY!
After a quick chili dinner ... it was SNOWMAN time for Jonathan and Benjamin!
Micah was so anxious to get out and help! But we just stayed bundled up inside most of the time - coming out for a quick minute here or there to bring the eyes... nose... mouth... buttons and of course a HAT!

LOVED seeing Benjamin peer into the window!

And just before we headed in - Benjamin had to give his friend a HUG!

Benjamin is CONVINCED that Santa, RED (the Elf), Reindeer, The New Years Man, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Snowmen are all VERY real and have feelings, personalities and friends. While building the snowman - he said two SUPER quote worthy things:
1. B: "We forgot to give the snowman some food."
J: "Maybe he can eat his chocolate buttons."
B: "Yea, that will work."
2. B: "I think the snowman needs a friend... (pause)... I could be his friend!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A sunBEAM a sunBEAM!

Benjamin is OFFICIALLY a sunBEAM in primary ... unfortunately - church is at 1:00 pm - right when he usually naps! He has melted the past two weeks... but LOVES his teacher, Sis. Seng and his class!
I am the new primary pianist ... so I've gotten to enjoy him from a distance ... and even though he's not singing YET - he is learning the songs as he has been singing them at home!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Extras!

Since we were all sick prior to Christmas... we had to push our gingerbread houses and Christmas present "for the birds" until after Christmas!!
I think it was about 20* when we hung the bird feeders ... but we fed the birds none-the-less and they are enjoying it!

New Year's in Florida!

We had a REALLY fun New Year's in Florida this year at Jonathan's Mom's and Grandparents'... here are a few pictures!
Benjamin giving Albert a hug after he had completed the YOUTH 4 day pioneer trek!

Benjamin and Micah could play for HOURS at Nana's house with all of the toys!

Nana and Micah!

The New Year's Man brings you a little toy to start off a FUN year if you remember to put your shoes under the Christmas tree... Benjamin even made sure to put Micah's shoes under too!

Benjamin had a WONDERFUL time roasting Marshmellows with Grampy in the fireplace since it was raining outside... although he didn't like any of the ones with the brown stuff and chose to eat his COLD!
Daddy playing with Micah!

Micah and Benjamin LOVE their Grampy... (check out those bead necklaces!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day!

This was our first Christmas at OUR home ... which was really special!
Here are the boys for a quick picture before they head in to see what surprises Santa brought!
The fun things that Santa brought to Micah and Benjamin!
Benjamin, Rachel and Micah on Christmas morning!
Aunt Charity holding Micah after his nap!
Benjamin and cousin William playing in the playroom!
We had a really fun Christmas ... filled with many memories! It was wonderful to have my parents, Laura and Charity, Scott and William come for dinner! Kids really make Christmas come ALIVE!
I also had to capture a few pictures of Micah in his hand-me-down Christmas jammies that Benjamin wore ... I LOVE them - and I love those two sweet little boys!

Christmas Traditions... Lights, Reindeer food, and Christmas Eve Cookies!

Here are just a few of our favorite family traditions!
Going to see Christmas lights in jammies!
The Christmas camel at the Christmas lights!
Christmas lights at Pettit Creek Farms!
Benjamin putting out his reindeer food on Christmas Eve!
The boys eating the Christmas Eve Cookies!
First tastes!
Micah having a blast and enjoying every bite (and crumb!)
STILL more cookies!

Micah checking to see if there are ANY more!
Big brother (Benjamin) saying NO MORE cookies!

Red the Elf and Letter from Santa!

So we have a special ELF named... Red the Elf who visited our home! He is a special little elf that has red hair and LOVES to paint all of the toys RED in Santa's workshop! He's since had to be strictly put on "red toys" ... he's a special little elf though - because he is the one that thought to make Santa's RED sack and RED suit ... so he is often chosen to be Santa's special helper!
This year he brought the boys a present a few days before Christmas ... which was:
their (why of course) RED Christmas jammies!

Benjamin also wrote Santa a letter ... and you better believe it because he WROTE Benjamin back! Benjamin was so excited and thrilled about the whole thing!

Santa's letter to Benjamin!