Monday, October 17, 2011

Seattle: a Trip for Two and a Half!

Jacob went with Jonathan and I on our anniversary trip to Seattle. WE LOVED it there and would love to go back and venture around a little more! It was a pretty long flight (almost 6 hours) but Jacob did awesome - and actually never got off of Georgia time - which actually worked out pretty nicely - he slept through every nice dinner/restaurant that we went to!
Sleepless in Seattle ... right? It was CHILLY outside - Jacob was sleeping so we didn't get him in on this picture!!
This was Jonathan's special space needle dessert that had dry ice under it so that the "smoke" would come out!
It was pretty impressive!
The Space Needle from BELOW at Night Time!
I LOVED Pike's Place we are in front of one of the vegetable/fruit markets...
The flowers were AMAZING! And SO cheap! $5 or $10 for one of these huge and beautiful bouquets!! I kept teasing Jonathan that I wanted him to buy me one even if I could only carry it around for a couple of hours!!
The passer-byers didn't do a great job of taking pictures - but this one turned out pretty good in front of one of the fish markets!
So much fish!
LOVED all of the colors and FRESH everything! I could probably go there EVERYDAY!
After a night in Seattle, we headed to Portland ... did a little site-seeing when we got there and
we were able to go to the Portland Temple ... although Jonathan forgot his Temple recommend so I was the only one that went inside!
Saturday, we headed down to the BYU vs Oregon State game in Corvallis, Oregon!
(finding a Jamba Juice on the way!!)
Here's a quick picture of Jacob and I at the game!
We had so much fun at the BYU game which they WON... and Jacob really was a CHAMP!
Jonathan and I LOVE going on trips together - it's something we most look forward to and enjoy the time of being together!!