Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May happenings 2011!

Just a few pictures of this and that! 

This is what happens when you have a 2 year old brother that REALLY wants you to play with your toys...
 Benjamin holding Jacob!
Benjamin with 2 of his preschool friends: Sayler and Tyson!
 Benjamin "GRADUATING" from preschool!
 Benjamin with Mrs. Jennifer!
 Tyson and Benjamin ... best little buddies!
Benjamin's "graduating" class!
 Albert holding Jacob for the first time!
A SUPER favorite - little Jacob must know that SHE is his Grammy!
 Grampy and Grammy meeting Jacob!
 Nana holding Jacob for the first time...
 And ... Mathew and Victoria got MARRIED!
 Here is MY Grandma getting to meet Jacob for the first time!
 And just a few fun favorites of little Jacob... finding his hands...
 ...and thinking about the future (RIGHT?)!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Micah turns 2 "down on THE FARM!

Micah had an AWESOME 2nd birthday celebrating with friends and some farm animals!!  We had his party on May 6th ... so Jacob would be a LITTLE older!!  

I think he may have picked up a few too many bunnies though... he laughed and laughed when they "JUMPED" out of his hands!  
 Benjamin LOVED the animals too!
 Benjamin with a rooster on top of his head and a duck in his hat!
 Cupcake time...
Micah blowing out his two little candles...
 Micah enjoying his cupcake!
 Opening presents...
 One happy little farmer!
 Sweet Micah...
 Tyson holding a duck!
Mom Mom holding a bunny for Micah!
 Birthday boy!
 Cute little FARMER BUM!
 Look how cute these little guys are...
Micah had so much fun at his party ... just wish I had gotten a GROUP picture with all of his (and Benjamin's) little friends!  Jacob was a CHAMP and slept through the WHOLE PARTY!

Monday, May 2, 2011

April and May 2011!

 I love this sweet picture... it has so much meaning all wrapped up in one picture:

the outfit was Jonathan's blessing outfit, love his sweet little yawn and toes - and THE TULIPS!!  My sweet friend Jaime came by my FIRST day being a mom of 3 alone (when Jacob was 5 days old!) ... she'll never know how much the visit, holding Jacob and the tulips (** one of my FAVORITE flowers **) meant to me that day!  Heavens little angel!

 Benjamin holding Jacob!
MORE kisses from Jacob!
Don't you just love baby "sleeping" smiles... 
 Jacob's FIRST bath... and Benjamin was my photographer!

 Me giving Jacob his first OFFICIAL bath!
 Love this shot - it was from Benjamin's viewpoint!
 Few favorites of Jacob...
Micah had to join the photo shoot for a little hug and kiss for Jacob!
what a tiny little one!
 Sleeping little guy...
 Don't you love that smile - even his eyes are smiling!
 An all-time favorite - Micah really does love this little guy!