Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime memories!

So the boys have really enjoyed playing in their little pool this summer ... I sometimes wish we had a REAL pool in our neighborhood - or better yet - in our backyard, but needless to say, this is pretty close!
Monday we were in the pool and an airplane flew overhead, just a normal plane, but a flood of memories came into my mind of the many many days we'd be in the our pool with airplanes flying overhead, the clouds passing by and the summer afternoon showers coming down as we hid under the floats! (** we did get out for thunder/lightening storms!!)
Now that I'm a mom/grown-up, I sometimes find myself wishing I were a kid again. I feel so blessed to have these two sweet, rambunctious boys that truly fill my life with joy and a husband who loves playing witht them ... oh happy day for the many more memories for them and US to come...

Dollywood 2010!

Kinsley and Benjamin at breakfast!

Us on the train ...

Jaxon, Benjamin and Paige on the bees!

Benjamin and Micah ... Micah didn't want to go to sleep because he knew he'd miss a ride!

Kinsley and Benjamin after our train ride!

Jonathan, Micah and Benjamin on River Battle ... just before being bombarded by water from the brothers/uncles that were hiding out!

All wet but lovin' life (Micah did cry the whole time ... but so did Benjamin a few years ago!)
Go kart riding with dad!

Miniature golf ...

So glad for more fun memories!

Friday, June 25, 2010

SUMMER NIGHTS ... Laser Show at Stone Mountain!

This is ONE of our favorite summertime "traditions" ... including the picnic ... chicken strips (*courtesy of Chick-Fil-A), mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and salad!
You have to arrive EARLY to get a spot - so after dinner, Jonathan took Micah on a walk - and then BOTH boys to get their swords!

We sat in our camping chairs some ... and some on the blanket!

Micah and Benjamin with their swords...

AND THIS is what the laser show is really about -- FAMILY TIME!

Camping out with MOM!

So ignore - I just took a quick shower after the gym... Benjamin and I had our first Mom/Son Campout! I invisioned more stars, a little cooler evening, and LOTS of sleep... but instead we had a blast... *minus calling 911 at 4:15 am because the dogs barked for half hour incraments starting at 11:30 pm -- almost 5 hours of on/off barking ... the police must've come to the rescue because we DID get sleep from 5 -6:30 am!
Here we are ready for sleepy time ... hince SCOOTER is tucked in too!

We had a blast finding our one and only lightening bug that I could actually catch! All of the others were hoovering in the trees - but it really was a site to behold! It looked as if the trees were lit up for Christmas - simply AMAZING!

Here's Micah "inspecting" our little guy in the morning...
I don't think lightening bugs live very long...
Benjamin is such a fun little guy ... you can just listen to him for hours - because he can surely talk THAT much! He's hillarious though ... NOW - if I could just remember that all day/every day, I'm sure life would be much BETTER!

The GRASS is tickling me!!

So here's a Benjamin quote:
"The grass is tickling me!"
...and I happened to have my camera! He was giggling and laughing so hard as if the grass was really tickling him on purpose!
Since we have SO much of that ticklish grass... it warranted buying this exciting TOY for all 3 boys... better than a 4-wheeler ... it cuts grass too!

Pirates: Happy 4th Birthday Benjamin!

Benjamin had a PIRATE Birthday party ... I have to admit I wasn't thrilled about the skulls - but the kids had a fun time and they LOVED the treasures inside the treasure boxes!
Benjamin... birthday boy, pirate...

ALMOST all of the little pirates...

So excited to find their treasure chests inside the chest...

Benjamin ready to blow out his candles...

A so cute baby pirate... he did keep his patch on for a bit (backwards that is...)

Fishing for the fish in the waves...

And can I say how much I LOVE kid birthdays and parties in general actually ... the kids are always so excited to see what's inside! I think we opened and played with almost all the gifts before the party ended!
Love all of these little boys!

GEORGIA Aquarium!

More pictures to come ... but MOM MOM and Aunt Laura took us to the Georgia Aquarium for Benjamin's 4th Birthday - a day early - so he really got to have 2 BIRTHDAYS!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cherry Pickin'!

Memorial Day weekend we headed to Blue Ridge ... and filled our bag and tummies with cherries! Here are a few favorite pictures:
Benjamin was an awesome helper!
Micah helped a little and ate a LOT ...

The oh-so-yummy cherries ...

Here were are (minus Jonathan) who took our picture! We had a blast TOGETHER!

Fun in the RAIN!

It's been raining a little more ... SUMMER rain which I LOVE! I even love the smell ... the boys LOVED playing in it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Puppy Love

One LOVED Puppy...

These little things: bunny, patch and blankie are the three MUSTS for bedtime and naptime!

Last day of Preschool!

Benjamin's preschool class...

Benjamin with his Certificate of Completion!

Benjamin LOVED preschool this year - and so did I, aside from the half-hour drive! We are excited for him to go to a new preschool only 3 minutes away ... but he had WONDERFUL teachers, friends and learned so much!