Saturday, October 10, 2009

Apple Pickin'!

So we had an APPLE PICKIN' fun time!

We first went to the little town of Ellijay to the Apple festival and enjoyed going in the shops and getting a tastey "apple pie" - which was more like an apple fritter maybe??
Here's Benjamin enjoying his...

Then we headed to the Hillcrest Orchard for an awesome wagon ride...

Apple picking...

cow milking (this is Benjamin milking BUTTERMILK) ...

John Deer trike racing ...
and much much more fun!
Here are a few other pictures of us...
Me, Micah and Benjamin picking apples ... Benjamin had to get a TASTE!

Benjamin found a good spot on the underside of the tree!

Our HARVEST... as you can see all different kinds and we have no clue what is WHAT... but I'm sure it will make the BEST apple pie EVER!

T-BALL time!

After four weeks of soccer ... Benjamin is THRILLED to be playing t-ball (and me too!) By the end of the 4th week - no threat, bribe, beg or time-out would keep him focused!

T-ball is going much better and he really enjoys HITTING the ball. Some of the other children are having a little more time focusing this time ... and it's not just Benjamin in LEFT FIELD! The best is when all of the kids run after the ball, or they are standing around with gloves on their heads - please focus note in one of the pictures - OR they are throwing the cones - oh well - I guess what comes with coaching 3-4 year olds! CUDOS to Coach Carlos!!

Boys and their TOYS!

I can't believe that FALL is already here ... we've had a LOT of rain here in North Georgia - but lots of nice weather as well!

Here is Benjamin giving Micah his first ride in THEIR car :) Just the beginnings of things that they will share!