Monday, July 23, 2012

Amelia Island Vacation!

This year we headed to Amelia Island for a long-weekend vacation with the kids!  Since it was attached to a Dental Conference - we got an amazing rate at our hotel and had a WONDERFUL time!

While Jonathan was in class ... the boys and I headed to the beach and pool ... Jonathan did surprise a couple of times and came out to play!
I'm not in even ONE single picture ... but I guess that's what happens when you are the photographer sometimes!  These pictures capture some of the fun we had!
 Jacob and Jonathan...
 AND... we had an official WALKER by this trip!
 One evening the Dental Association put on a dinner and luau that we could go to... Benjamin was excited to be "in the show!" at one point...
 And here just shows how fun of a dad Jonathan is... trying to "surf!"
 Boys playing in the ocean...
 So the "sand" here is mostly SHELLS... so if you sat at the edge of the waves - watchout when you get in the shower because your bathing suit will be FILLED with shells! 

The boys dug this amazing hole - with Jonathan's help -- and they LOVED sitting in it!
 Can't have a tastier ice-cream than one shared with your brother...
 Here are the two little guys playing in the sand/water hole!
 Boys at the beach!
Jonathan helping to build a sandcastle!
 Best of the "photo-shoot" ... sometimes it just goes that way!
My favorite picture entitled: "Looking down from Heaven." 
I hope when God looks down from heaven on our family ... he sees the smiles and the love that we have in our family... and HOPEFULLY is looking elsewhere on the not so happy days!

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of JULY weekend!

We celebrated the 4th of July at Mom Mom and Poppy's this year!  Since the kiddos were SO tired from playing all day (AND going to see Madagascar 3!) ... we opted to do sparklers and hit the bed early!
 The only DOWN-er was that a spark from the sparkler sparked right into one of the holes in Micah's CROC - and up under his toe - I know - what are the ODDS?  But it burned his little toe pretty bad!
 This was RIGHT before the spark got him...
 He was able to come back outside for a little more fun but Jonathan had to hold him... poor little guy!
 After the 4th... Jonathan and Benjamin went to play in a family golf tournament in Ringgold ... and then we all headed up to the cabin to tube down the Toccoa River with Mom Mom, Poppy and the Colemans.  It was my Dad and Charlie's first time - and they did GREAT!
 Everyone enjoyed the boys floating with them ... even though they had their own floats...
 Jacob is SMILING here ... but the trip was a little long for him - and he tossed his pacy sometime within the first hour of the four hour trip!
This was our best Group shot before getting in!