Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quickberry, Quackberry, Pick me a Blackberry!

We've had a LOT of berry picking lately... blackberries at the beach and strawberry picking at the strawberry patch. You will see that Benjamin and I have one thing in common: "Will work for food!" ... especially if it comes to any kind of berry!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two Fast weeks!

Benjamin's FIRST Father-Son Campout!
Jonathan took Benjamin on his first campout this past Friday night! We talked about it ALL week ... and I think Benjamin was most excited about the staying up late, eating choclate (trail mix), and playing with the flashlight ... which they did ALL of the above! A big THANKS to Jonathan for being such a GREAT dad!!

Last Saturday I had the bake sale fund raiser that I've been planning for months now! The weather held out and it didn't rain until we had packed up - but the turn out was less than favorable! I had LOTS of wonderful friends donate baked items ... and we earned about $175 to help clean up Goodale Park - which will be our Ward Service Project this coming Saturday!

We are planning to buy some plants ... we will see how far the money takes us!

Our family took a trip to Columbus, Georgia for Jonathan's grandfather's funeral. We had a nice time visiting with family and also saying a farewell to Grandaddy. Benjamin was very good and even said goodbye to Grandaddy as well - telling everyone that
"Gandaddy in heben wif Jesus". We told him that Grandaddy's spirit had gone to heaven - and that we would see him again. While in Columbus, we also got to see Jonathan's Grandma Sarah - and also eat at her cafe' - Evelyn's Cafe'. Benjamin and I shared: meatloaf, creamed corn, turnips, and macaroni and cheese - along with corn shaped cornbread- a true southern meal!

Here we are at the Columbia Riverbanks Zoo! We went with friends to celebrate Benjamin's friend, Hayden's 3rd Birthday! Benjamin's favorite was the barn owl - and kept saying, "our house, our house?" - I had to tell him that the owl had to stay at the zoo! We loved watching the gorillas being fed, feeding the birds, giraffe, goats and seeing all of the amazing animals!

So... life will not be slowing down at the Owens's home... Jonathan and I will put in as much work as we can in the next 48 hours... and then Tuesday night - head down to the BEACH - St. George Island for some family time... and spring cleaning at the beach house! Now all Benjamin can talk about is swimming in the pool, going to the beach... and picking up shells.
Just a side note... the little potty is coming with us... because when at home - Benjamin is now almost exclusively using it... and not his diapers! YIPPEE - wouldn't that be great- no more diapers for a #2 birthday wish for MOM!