Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well we spent a few days for Thanksgiving at my parents. Wednesday we did LOTS of yard work!! Jonathan said he probably walked 5 miles pushing the push lawn mower --since the riding lawn mower was broken! My mom was SO excited though -- she just kept "gazing" out the window at her NEW yard! It's always nice to help my mom out :)

Thanksgiving day was a little rainy - but we still made it outside a little to play in the falling beautiful bradford pear tree leaves. Benjamin got to help Mom Mom make a cake ... but he dumped the carrots for the carrot cake all over the counter not just once... but TWICE! What a big helper. He LOVES to make the hand mixer sound - and is really good at it! Benjamin wasn't too happy about Thanksgiving dinner. He couldn't figure out why we woke him up from his nap to eat at 4:00 -- so much earlier than his normal dinner time! He did eat cranberry sauce though :) We were sure ready for bed when bedtime came around!
Jonathan headed home Thursday night so that he could work Friday morning at 4:00 am... eesh! So early. I did do a little shopping -- only because my mom kept Benjamin - but I didn't wake up until 7 and still pretty much got everything I wanted! Lots of online shopping this year, which is so much easier -- and sometimes NO TAX -- which saves money!

So if you've noticed that I've been slow about posting lately -- other than the holidays -- our ward split, and I am the Primary President in our new ward... we still have about 90 kids -- I've also had LOTS of work lately -- so hopefully things may slow down ... at least SOME! We are so excited for the holidays -- to visit family, teach Benjamin more about "Je-sa" - boy does
Benjamin love Him already -- and enjoy Jonathan's time OFF from school!

Fall Days!

We really enjoyed playing outside around Thanksgiving! Benjamin LOVED running through the leaves and scooping up leaves with his tractor! What a helper!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Columbia County Fair!

We headed out to the Columbia County Fair this week for Family Home Evening! We had a GREAT time. Benjamin LOVED the lights and watching people ride the rides... even better, he LOVED seeing the animals in the petting farm -- after we saw all of the animals, he signed: "more, more" -- Jonathan did take him for another round in between the pig racing :)
Benjamin also got to ride his first ride -- even though Jonathan had to convince the fair worker to let him ride! We were not exactly sure he was going to stay seated -- but he didn't move after the ride started going - he did wave as he went around!
We did have a really fun night ... we were pretty cold by the time we left! Exciting news when we got home, Benjamin used his potty for the first time ... we're hoping this is a positive start!! Wish us luck :)
Oh -- any ideas what this last furry animal is??

It's FALL!

It seems that Fall really may be here in Grovetown!! We have had to wear jackets outside all week - Benjamin loves to help rake outside. We went on a little adventure trying to find different colored leaves - Benjamin just picked up any leaves!