Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Happenings!

A little behind ... but trying to get our happenings updated! Micah and I had a little date to Cagle's Dairy... we went on a little hay ride ...

and he LOVED seeing the farm animals! This little cow was so sweet!

My 29th birthday... Benjamin insisted that we wear Micah's Curious George hats!
We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out a nice pricey pumpkin!

And THIS was the best of our self-portrait pictures!

The boys loved this big-old pumpkin!

And here are the boys a few nights later carving OUR pumpkin!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Worth an Ice-Cream Celebration!

In case you were wondering why Micah is SO happy to have this ice-cream cone...
it's because as Benjamin told him...
"Micah, you get to be the BIG BROTHER this time!"

Here's a picture that Benjamin drew for me ... of me ... don't you just love what's inside that TUMMY! (And the round object to the side is FOOD!)
Yes... we are excited to "announce" that baby #3 is on the way - due April 27th! Benjamin assures me that this time it will be a girl - "because we already have two boys!"
Keeping our fingers crossed (heartbeat of a girl at 168!) ... we'll love a boy or girl!

Mountain Air Apple Picking!

We headed to Blue Ridge for a fun night at the cabin ... and stopped at Mercier for some apple picking! The Fuji apples are DELICIOUS!

Boys walking up the hill!

This isn't a mad face... it's an apple biting face!

Benjamin and Micah on the tractor!

Love spending time up in the moutains ... especially getting our fill of apple fritters, apple pies, apple sauce, apple cider and just GOOD OLD APPLES!

Farmer Day!

Benjamin's class had Farmer Day at school...

This is his class before going on the super fun hayride ... SMILES all around!

Benjamin on the John Deere!

Benjamin trying to find THE BEST PUMPKIN!

Benjamin with two of his best friends - Tyson and Sayler!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Years and Counting!

I got to go to my 10 year class reunion last weekend ...
although our class was small (in comparison to most schools) -- this was actually about 1/4 of our class! We had a great evening catching up! Such good friends - who have turned into incredible adults (and some moms/dads)!

The Beach and the BYU Game!

The boys at the beach... and yes - they're all COATED in sunscreen!

Uncle Albert playing with Micah

Our little family (as hot as can be!) at the BYU Game!
As many of you know ... BYU hasn't had the best season - but we did enjoy a nice long weekend to Florida! We were able to go to my parents beach house and LOVED being at the beach! We then headed to the BYU vs FSU game ... which was the HOTTEST game I've ever been to (including when I played sports in highschool!) -- Thankfully Jonathan's mom and brother were a huge help with the boys. We had fun aside from the heat and our poor Cougars losing!