Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boston TIPS!

Jonathan and I are going on our 5 year anniversary trip to Boston ... any tips on must sees, must eats, or must do's?? We are also going to spend some time on Cape Cod as well ... but I know a few of you have been/lived in Boston! We're excited ... my mom is planning to keep Benjamin for us!

A Mush-Room?

About two weeks ago - I looked out the window and saw this AWESOME little - well BIG, mushroom ... so why are they called mush-rooms anyways? So I HAD to show Benjamin because he had never really seen one before -and definitely not THIS big!

So as you will see he had to explore every bit of it! He LOVED how soft it was and kept saying, "it's soft mommy." I kept agreeing. He even tried to re-plant it ... I had to tell him that it's kind of like a flower, once you pick it ... it's picked! Oh the fun summer brings!

7-0-4-5 Cola-what?

So yes ... we've spent a LOT of time at 7045 Colaparchee Road lately! We most recently spent the week house-sitting while my parents were gone and Jonathan was completing a rotation in Atlanta. So this is the home I actually grew up in ... I wish I had taken a picture (maybe next time) - but it is so fun for Benjamin to experience all of the SAME things that I did -and even a few new ones. In the past few weeks we've gotten to swim in the pool, have blueberry picnics in the pool (blueberries right from the bush), Benjamin rode the tractor and 4-wheeler with Jonathan (and my brother Daniel), he got to see a deer in the woods, pick the garden, catch lightening bugs, play on the swingset -and Benjamin even helped with some cleaning projects!
So here is a picture of Jonathan and Benjamin riding on the tractor... note the flip-flops and shorts ... definitely not a farmer :)
This was from one of our first trips this summer... Jonathan and Benjamin rode the 4-wheeler so much that Benjamin just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.
All in all we've had a really fun summer so far ... and it's not over yet!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dollywood 2008!

As you will see - we had a GREAT time at Dollywood with Jonathan's family. My favorite is the Tennesee Tornado ... Jonathan's was the Mystery Mine (both roller coasters) - and Benjamin's all time favorite was the old timey cars! He would've ridden those all day if he could have!
Just so EVERYONE knows - I am 26 ... and old enough to be a passenger with Benjamin. Several of the workers said I didn't look 16! I had to assure them I was his mom!

Highlights of the following pictures:
*Benjamin insisting Jonathan hold on - while riding the pig ride!
*Benjamin REALLY is on that slide - he went over and over (not really tall enough!)
*The YUMMY blue raspberry ICEE's
and other favorites of the trip!

I would have to say there was one BIG bad part of the trip ... not to complain ...but the 8 hours it took us to get home was NOT fun! It is normally a 5 hour drive - which is fine ... BUT - Jonathan decided to take the SCENIC route through the mountains ... without informing me and I got SO car sick! I remember those windy North Carolina mountains from when I was a kid and always being car sick! So next time - I will drive HIM through the mountains ... or skip that part. It was a pretty drive - when I could keep my eyes open - but not worth the trouble! AND to top it off -
the picture of us at the top of the mountains got deleted!
But we did have a great time with family and getting to see everyone! We really enjoyed Splash Country -- I vote for more days there or 1/2 and 1/2 days would be PERFECT with a nap in between :)
A big thanks to Gene and Terri for a fun vacation!

I'm a Big KID now!

Well now that Benjamin is the big two ...we thought we'd share HIS exciting news. Part of Benjamin's birthday present was getting a new bed, sheets and quilt. He LOVES it - except the going to bed part! We've had lots of nights of crying and getting up and being put back in bed - but TONIGHT -- we had a miracle -
he didn't even get up once - hopefully this will be the start to a new beginning!
Benjamin's EVEN more exciting news is: He is POTTY trained! He almost NEVER has accidents and he did it all before turning 2! We had heard boys are harder to potty train - but not this little guy... I guess he just decided he could use the big (or little) potty too!

If you want any tips on potty training - just ask him - he's the PRO.
Honestly though -- I think here's MY advice:
1. they have to be somewhat READY - but not necessarily all the way
2. when they are: don't miss the boat ... even if it means taking the potty on vacation!
3. find a "treat-treat" they like - for Benjamin it was jelly beans not M&M's
4. be persistant
My next child will probably be 6 before he/she's potty trained -
I think we just got LUCKY with this one :)