Monday, October 1, 2012

A new NIECE!

Jane Elizabeth Ray...
was born on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 
weighing 7 lbs. and 11 oz.

I was the one of the LUCKY ones that got to go and hold her when she was less than 12 hours old... what a sweet little spirit!    
 Charity, Jane and "Aunt Rachel"...
 Baby Jane and me!  So glad that I have little nieces to enjoy!

Laura and Hazel VISIT!

My awesome college-roommate and dear friend, Laura, came to visit with sweet little Hazel!  She was able to help us pick out some things for Jonathan's upcoming office remodel ... and we were able to do a few fun things!

  One of the things we did was... HIKE Stone Mountain!  One thing Laura and I LOVED doing in college was go hiking (and camping!) together... 

I wasn't quite so sure about this hike with all the kiddos though - but they all made it up and down!  Jonathan's brother and Mom were able to go with us last minute as well!
The BIGGEST bummer news was that they weren't doing the Laser Show that night!!  AND all of the attractions closed at 5 pm ... so note to self - if you're having company come into town and want to take them to Stone Mountain ... check dates/times!!
We still had lots of fun and ate dinner at Ted's Montana Grill after our hike!
 We did lots of eating and talking while she was here!  We ate dinner atop of the Omni at the Sun Dial Restaurant ... which spins around during the meal so that you get a 360 degree view of Atlanta!  Hazel was always a champ when it came to our outings!
 Enjoyed every minute that I got to spend with Laura ... what a sweet friend indeed!

Micah's FIRST day of 3-K!

 Micah started 3 year preschool at Mt. Zion Baptist Preschool and is going 3 days this year!  
He is such a little stud and is SO good at school! 

His teachers this year are: Mrs. Dorothea and Mrs. Terry!
Here he is on his first day...
He went right on in ... gave me a hug and was ready to play!


SURPRISE... we picked Benjamin up at the bus stop and headed to DOLLYWOOD!

We enjoyed riding rides, getting slushies, and spending time together!   
 Micah was SO excited to ride on the Merry-go-round!
 Benjamin and I being silly waiting on the train to go!
(MICAH LOVED the train!)
 Jacob's FIRST time driving the cars!
 Jacob, Micah and I riding on the ducks!
 boys on the ducks...
... fun little memories!
 All three boys riding the pigs!
Benjamin and Jonathan did go on a couple BIG roller coasters... Benjamin is still not THRILLED with them ... and Benjamin and I did our traditional "Fire in the Hole" and Dare Devil Falls!
So glad that we got to go - LOVED IT!