Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Miracle for a little stone...

The tiny white dot in the center ... is the stone for which this miracle is all about ...

Wednesday morning at 3:30 am I woke up with severe abdominal pain. After wondering what to do - in a new city, with two sleeping babies, I asked Jonathan for a blessing. In the blessing I was promised to know if we should go to the hospital or not. Within a few more minutes, with my legs shaking uncontrolably because of the severity of the pain we quickly called my dad to see what I should do (who is a doctor). Withing minutes, we had loaded the little ones into the car and headed to the hospital which just happens to be about 3 miles away.

The nurses quickly got me into a room and gave me Toradol (pain medication), Zofran (nausea med) and Rocefen (antibiotic). I then had a CT scan (and later an x-ray ... see below) which found that I had a Kidney stone ... in size of 8 mm. A "normal" stone is 3-4 mm - and so my body physically would not be able to remove the stone on it's own... so the urologist was called ... and we were sent home for about 2 hours before going to his office to discuss the surgery options.

We called my Mom to the rescue - and as usual - she dropped everything to come and stay with the boys so we could go to the urologist (aren't those for old people ??) and then to help take care of me for the rest of the day. I was incredibly sick for the rest of the day - we aren't exactly sure why - but needless to say I was. I was supposed to drink Magnesium Citrate (lemon liquid laxative ... yes I did say LAXATIVE) at 4:00 pm ... but couldn't keep anything down. After FINALLY holding down a Zofran - the nausea etc. started to go away... and unfortunately BUT fortunately I finally was able to drink the most AWFUL drink I've ever tasted!

Then the miracle ... at about 9:00 pm - still to weak and sick to get out of the bed, Bro. Crosby (our new friend from the ward) ... came by to give me a blessing with Joanthan. The blessing was really special and amazing. I was promised that the my body would be responsive to the treatment that I would have the following day along with many other blessings. Within the hour ... I was feeling 80% better - able to walk, sit-up, talk, drink etc. I now more than ever have a testimony of the power of the priesthood. Although things may not always happen so quickly as this ... I know that the power of the priesthood is VERY real and that according to our faith and righteousness the Lord does bless us.

At 8:00 am - Thursday morning, Jonathan and I headed to the hospital so that I could have a procedure called Lithotripsy performed. I had to be put under general anasthesia and long-story short ... they broke up my kidney stone so that it could all come out! The doctor said that everything seemed to go well ... we now just have to wait and see if the "sand-like" pieces come out and I will go back a week from now for another scan to see if all is well! The picture below is of an "X" on my right side ... just so they made sure they were working on the right side.

Although the pain was as bad or worse than having a baby ... I know the Lord truely blessed us in every way. We had countless tender mercies from the Lord. The boys were AMAZING at the hospital. The hospital was AWESOME ... everyone was so incredibly nice, gentle and ready to serve us. The on-call urologist was AWESOME. He quickly got me into his office and was just like a dad. The procedure Thursday went well - and all of the hospital staff again - was better than anyone could've ever asked for! Jonathan (crying as I write this) was the perfect husband ... as he is always at my side "through sickness (and health)" ... even in those yucky moments when I'm stuck over the potty, getting an IV, and even making me laugh when the nurse asked if I "ate a lot of salad because I was trying to lose weight after having a baby..." WHAT? ... NO! I just like salad! My mom ... what can I say more than she always comes as soon as I call - she is selfless in every way and truely loves our little family. Micah... what a trooper - he's even learned to like formula - but he's happy to be back nursing again - and Benjamin can't wait for mom to be better (although we did sneak in a little plastic golf before bath time Thursday night!) Some may say ... why now, in a new city, only knowing a hand full of people, with a three week old baby - but what a blessing this has been to our little family. The Lord has blessed us and brought us closer together as a family ... and I am so grateful for the miracle of this little stone!


Jonathan GRADUATED and we are SO excited! Sorry this post is almost 2 weeks delayed - but we have had a lot going on the last week or so ... which I will post hopefully tomorrow ... in a seperate post - BUT this post is all about JONATHAN!
Over the last 4 years of dental school and the 4 years of undergrad - Jonathan has been amazing! He is a wonderful husband and father and has supported us in every way that he could! The many sleepless Saturdays that when Chick-Fil-A awaited him opening the doors, the many late nights at the lab that awaited him to lock the doors ... and even the poison ivy that he had to endure from yard work at my parents... just proved how much he truely loved and loves our family! Jonathan studied hard and also made time for us and served in his calling faithfully without ever complaining! We just love him!
Jonathan happily found out today that he has his LICENSE and plans to begin working on Monday, June 1st. He will be working with Dr. Beau Benich in Woodstock, GA! He is really excited to begin working. It has been such a blessing to have him home the past few weeks!
Enjoy the MANY pictures of his graduation!
The group shot...

Rachel and the boys & Jonathan and Rachel

The Owens & Gene (Jonathan's dad) and Jonathan
* Jonathan's dad was able to hood him at the hooding ceremony!

The Harrisons & the Brands

The Owens siblings & the Owens again

Benjamin and Micah with their dad!

Congratulations JONATHAN! We are so proud of you and so glad to have you in our lives! You are the best and we love you bunches and bunches!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best of Friends ALREADY!

So Benjamin has really been AMAZING with Micah. He 100% adores him and can't stand when he cries (and not because of the volume ... because it makes him almost cry)! I was finishing up putting away some clothes while Micah was laying on our bed ... when Benjamin woke up from his nap. He had in mind just the thing for the two of them to do...

Benjamin picked out his favorite book (at the moment) -- which so happens to be about two brothers who are "Bored - Nothing to Do" ... which I'm sure will be these two little mischievous brothers in just a few short years!

Benjamin really has been so sweet with him ... he MUST give him a hug and a "tiss" before going anywhere, before nap/bedtime ... and when he wakes up - and almost everytime in between! Micah also has to lay by him just for a minute or two before he goes to bed!
Best of Friends already!