Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our little Opie at the Fish Hatchery!

So this was a SUPER fun little adventure that we went on - and EVERYTHING was FREE! The fish hatchery was so much fun! Benjamin got to feed the fish and GO fishing! We also got to walk on the nature trail and have a picnic lunch! We DID catch a fish - but had to throw it back ... it wasn't much bigger than a bean anyways!

Benjamin feeding the fish ...

Benjamin (in the distance) and Micah walking on the trail!

Our little picnic at the fish pond!

Benjamin fishing - and yes the water REALLY was that green!
We are excited to go back and go "bird watching" on the nature trail!

Mom Mom and Poppy's!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last weekend trip to my parents' house!
Benjamin eating this incredibly decorated fire truck cookie.
Micah and I at the pool!

Benjamin checking out the bees at the farmer's market...

Benjamin and my mom in the pool!

Poppy, Benjamin and Mom Mom at Gisupie's.

Poppy and Micah talking and smiling!

Another fun picture of these two!

Jonathan and Micah laughing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

THE 4th of July!

We had a pretty fun 4th of July - although we were exhausted by the end of the day ... getting ready for Micah's blessing day and 4th of July festivities ... didn't get any pictures that night -but here are a few from our fun ward party!
proud to be an American ... on the John Deer!
What's a 4th without cotton candy!
Us at the ward breakfast!

Micah's Special Day!

Micah Russell Owens

We had a WONDERFUL day the day of Micah's blessing day! He was dressed special from head to toe and then some! My mom made his beautiful gown - it even had an "O" embroidered - my favorite touch this time! His Aunt Elizabeth made the most adorable shoes ... and they were perfect - and his Aunt Charity made a beautiful blanket! The blanket was a little warm for this time of year - but I am thrilled to take REAL pictures of him with his gown, shoes and blanket ... well - SOON! We had the blessing of having so much family come - we live about 1-2 hours from most of our family now - although we did have some travel a little further! Thank you for making his day so special. We had a special little lunch after as well - although he didn't eat too much -- he got the "seconds!" Here are a few of my favorite pictures - although we did take individual family pictures as well!
The GROUP picture of everyone who was able to come ...
- Little Micah -

All of the priesthood holders that were able to come.
Micah in the mother's room before his blessing...

The Owens at church...

Rachel and Micah at church.

Family picture at home at the end of the day!

Mary and Benjamin enjoying lunch after church ...
It was a special day - with a special blessing - I just love our family!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Reading Fun...

This summer our library is doing a summer reading program for kids ... you choose the goal - and if you meet it, your child gets a free book! I thought - 8 weeks @ 20 books/week ... then surely we could read 150 books! So we got going ... and it seemed like we wouldn't make it - but we're right on track - 84 books "down" and "66" to go! (AND you can only count a book ONCE!)
Here are a few of MY/OUR favorites so far that I would recommend:
this is a great "DAD" book

really like the "Blackboard Bear" books:
one of Benjamin's favorites ...
a great Thanksgiving book...
and another great dad book - and one of my all time favorites:
we'll keep you posted on how we do ... til'then... THE END.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fountains, fingers, feets and jammers!

Just a few summer fun days ... I'm a little behind at posting - but here are a few of our latest and greatest activities!
Suwanee City Hall Fountains!

Fingerpainting ... and making birthday "thank-you's"!

Hand prints and foot prints of the boys ... even Micah got in on this action ... but DON'T try and use Stampin' Up ink ... it doesn't come off for days!

And TODAY ... we made peach freezer jam ... with more on the way! I hope (while the boys are sleeping) - I can make jam in a "jar" so in case our freezer ever goes out - we won't lose it! Here's Benjamin ... my first taster - of course he had to help stir, lick the bowl - all the fun parts as well!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mr. Po-oo-oost MAN!

Today our "field-trip" was to the post office! Of course you can't go there unless you're dressed as a mailman ... right?
So we got in the box of 2 year old clothes and got out Benjamin's 2008 Halloween Costume!
Who says boys can't dress up to go out!

All of the workers at the "City Hall/ nearest post office" loved his outfit ... and of course he weaseled a sucker out of one of the lovely ladies!
See: Micah sleeping as usual!
He did help me put on the stamps on Micah's birth announcements ... and kept saying, "I'm a good mailman ... I'm sure a good mailman."
What a funny little guy!

From there were headed to a little bakery where he was hoping to pick out one of these:
... note his favorite was the BULLDOG cake
... such his Father's child!
Instead we got cookies and peanut butter balls instead!

On the way home he kept asking why we couldn't get a CAKE. I finally said, "The cakes cost LOTS of money!" and he then replied, "I didn't think you had to have money. You just need a cwedit (credit) cawd (card)." Where I then EXPLAINED on a 3 year old level - that you have to have the money to pay the credit card when the bill comes in the mail!
Lastly ... stopped at Blockbuster to get a movie for tonight!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer of FUN!

Benjamin on the playground!
One of my friends ... Autie ... got an idea from one of her friends ... to make a summer (60 days) full of fun - MEANING: you have to do something fun with your kids EVERYDAY! So we are going to try it - atleast try and hit more days than not! So far we've done great and had so
much fun! GRANTED - the fountains were closed on day 1 and we went to the wrong library on day 2 - but we just re-arranged!
These are pictures from our picnic at the wooded garden!
I did a little "research" and we've found lots of things to do this summer! I think I'm most excited to check out The Yellow River Game Ranch where they have all kinds of animals to see and pet!
Other ideas on the agenda:
Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta Zoo
Coca-Cola Museum
Water fountains
Dahlonega Gold Museum
Lake Lanier - and water park
Amicolola Falls
Let me know if you're interested ... and want to come along to any -- OR have any other ideas!