Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of the SUMMER!

We had such a fun summer with the boys and Uncle Albert who came and stayed with us for THREE weeks!

By the end of the summer ... Benjamin was really quite the swimmer!

We had lots of fun bowling but won't say who won (BENJAMIN!!)

Micah had fun for about the first 3 rounds...

Jacob was a trooper and even bowled a few times with Uncle Albert!

This is little Jacob on July 2nd ... when we celebrated the 4th of July!

This is our family on the Mountaintown Creek Trail ... it was quite the hike but the boys were troopers!

We enjoyed picking REALLY big blueberries at Mercier...

We celebrated the 4th on Saturday at the Blue Ridge Marina watching the fireworks show!

Here are the boys waiting on the fireworks:

On the actual 4th of July... the boys (minus Jacob) floated down the River up in Blue Ridge! Thankfully they were safe from a HUGE thunder and lightening storm - having to get out and huddle together to stay safe!

The boys took swimming lessons for two weeks! Micah cried everyday for the first week - but the second week he learned to LOVE jumping in to his "friend" = coach!

Jacob really learned to love Uncle Albert - especially when I was cooking dinner!

And just before the summer ended - we invested in an AWESOME $5.00 slip-n-slide - probably some of the most fun of the summer!

so many smiles...


and memories!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A day on the Farm... at the Lineback's!

We LOVE the Lineback's!!

Despite Benjamin's face (it was REALLY REALLY hot!), the kids had a blast at the Lineback's farm! The kids enjoyed feeding the chickens and horses, walking the dogs, getting a horse ride and even painting charm! I wish I had the group picture!!

Here are the boys painting charm ...

and Tammy was even prepared ICE CREAM and all! We hope we get to go again next year!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jacob's Blessing Day: July 17, 2011!

Our Little Family on Jacob McKay Owens's Blessing Day!

Micah LOVES Jacob and loves kissing his sweet hands!

Although you can't see in any of these pictures, my Mom made Jacob's gown and it has an "O" at the bottom with 2 honey bees - symbolizing Jonathan and I - and three near the collar to symbolize the three boys! What a special and beautiful gown! THANK YOU MOM!!

We opted to take our big GROUP picture in the gym because it was so toasty outside...

Here is a picture of Jacob with me and two of his grandmother's!
We had a nice little "lunch" after church and then just rested the rest of the day! Jacob actually slept almost the whole entire day!