Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grand Cayman Mom's Weekend OFF Trip!

 My AWESOME friend Lynette and I were able to have a Mom's weekend off thanks to our AMAZING husbands who held down the forts at home! 

We went in March which seemed to be perfect in Grand Cayman - and we were able to squeeze in SO many late night chats, yummy food, fun excursions, and LOTS of smiles and laughter! 

Lynette and I on Seven Mile Beach - just out from our hotel...

 These chickens and roosters were EVERYWHERE - literally and were even the local "road-kill."  No one should be hungry there - if so - they should just take a walk and they'd have a dozen chickens for dinner!
 This was another common site - and they were HUGE -- about 1 & 1/2 to 2 feet long!
The BEST WORST DINNER ever - at Roland's Garden - which is supposedly one of the BEST places to eat on the island - either we know NOTHING about German food - or everyone who eats here enjoys the alcohol first and doesn't realize what they're eating!  OH BOY - we had so many laughs and possibly even a few tears trying to force ourselves to eat the food!  EESH!
 We had a fun time just driving around to different sites - this is  a popular spot named "Hell".  It was neat to see but we thought it was a little anticlimactic for all of the hype.
 One of our favorites was snorkeling at Cemetery Beach.  The fish were amazing here!  We did a lot of laughing too - probably mostly at ME because it took me awhile to get the hang of snorkeling!
 This is one of my favorite pictures - closest to capturing the laughter or me trying to snorkel!
View of the fish...
Lynette snorkeling - she is a PRO!
 fish in the water...


We took a boat ride out to Stingray City - which also included a few stops to snorkel as well.  Here we are with the stingrays ... AMAZING!  We got to feed them as well - which kind of felt like a vacuum brushing over your hand!
Stingray back rubs...

AND ... we both got to kiss the stingray as well!
 One of our stops was to see these incredible starfish ... a super nice man dove down and got one for us to hold - so many amazing animals in the sea!
One of our site-seeing tours was to the Turtle Farm ... they had all sizes of sea turtles - from big to tiny!  It was fun to hold these little guys!
 Our last day was a drive out to Rum Point and then a night kayaking ADVENTURE to a Bioluminescent Bay!  INCREDIBLE!  

This was the RENTAL CAR aka "the egg" that we RENTED while we were there - did I mention they drive on the OPPOSITE side of the road!  Thankfully when we first got in it - Lynette suggested that we say a prayer (she must've been a little nervous about my driving skills!!) but we did GREAT and only drove on the wrong side ONCE I think!!
The kayaking trip was by FAR one of the hardest things I've ever done - but probably one of the most "fulfilling!"  We had to paddle in the open ocean which was a little tricky - and VERY tiring - but we did it!  We were able to see 3 different types of bioluminescence - my favorite were the SHRIMP - they kind of looked like lightening in the water when you hit the ground with your paddle!
Before our trip... and before we were exhausted!
Fun sign at Rum Point!
One of my favorite pictures of the beauty of the island ... heading to Rum Point!  Definitely the trip of a lifetime and SO many memories!  Loved every minute!