Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary from DC!

What a WONDERFUL 7th Anniversary we had in Washington DC! It was a short, fast weekend but we got to see and do so SO much! Here are a few highlights!
Got to go to the Washington DC Temple ... and walk an extra mile to get there! (We took the Metro... and then tried to catch the bus - only to find out we had walked a mile in the wrong direction to the bus stop... BUT thankfully when we got to the bus with only a $1 bill and $5 bill - the bus driver said we only had to pay $1 because he didn't want to overcharge us by us putting in the $5 and not getting any change!) -- What a BEAUTIFUL Temple - inside and out!

We got to walk the "MALL" a couple times ... took a tour of the Library of Congress and Capitol...

Ate at some AMAZING restaurants (only 1 of which we took a picture at!)
And Saturday ... we spent most of the day with my college roommate, Ivy and her family! Christian (16 months old!) was such a trooper as we toured Mount Vernon...

Us at Mount Vernon...

And Shane was an even BIGGER trooper as he went to this DELICIOUS restaurnt not feeling so hot! Dinner was so yummy and we enjoyed so so much spending time with Ivy and Shane!

Our last day we were able to visit several of the Monuments... (lots of walking in!)

Go up IN the Washington Monument (which Jonathan waited in line, in the rain to get tickets for at 8am!)

View from atop the Washington Monument and we could even see the Washington DC Temple!

And here we are in The National Gallery of Art!

This was by far probably our most "fun" trip together... I guess each year we grow closer together and enjoy being together more! I ate so much yummy food I think I literally gained 10 pounds - you would've thought all that walking would've helped! I'm sure I left a LOT out ... and we didn't take pictures everywhere - we just enjoyed being together! Big thanks to my mom for keeping our boys!

Benjamin's 1st Day of PRESCHOOL!

So Benjamin started his first day of 4 year old preschool (August 16th)... he is going FOUR days a week from 9-12! He is in Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Pat's class and really loving it! A BONUS is that his friend from church, Tyson is in his class... AND... Bonus for me - it is only 3 minutes from our house!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The last few weeks have been FULL -- I just haven't taken LOTS of pictures! I have so many "to-do" projects, I can't take the thought of having to edit/caption MORE pictures right now!
So here's a little of what's been going on... we went to the BRAVES game - and after a 2 hour rain delay - they FINALLY started playing - probably not our FAVORITE game over the last few years because they lost and it rained SO MUCH and the game just was so long! We were all EXHAUSTED and everyone slept until almost 10 am the next morning! Fun to be together though!
We had "the Owens" family pictures... and count them ... YEP - 23 grandchildren and that is just the BEGINNING! So so many more to come! This is only 7 of the 17 children who have had children! Aren't they all so cute!

AND ... we ALL went down the Toccoa River - including one of my mom's friends and my mom! Micah was not THRILLED with the incredibly TOO big life jacket - but he HAD to wear it - he can't swim! He was a trooper though and it was SO much fun going down the river together!

If you want to come hang out - or go down the river with us this fall - we're game! Now for LOTS more fun the next few weeks ... stay tuned!