Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Columbus and Back!

Just to update everyone on the happenings of our life -- Jonathan went to meet with the dentist in Columbus, Georgia - whiched seemed to go really well. After things went so well - we decided to go to Columbus Saturday-Sunday (4/12,13)... where we were also able to visit Jonathan's grandfather, grandmother, and aunt, uncle and cousins. We are planning to go back and meet with this dentist and his wife TOGETHER in June! Jonathan is still a year away from graduating - but we'd love to have a plan in mind.
Jonathan's birthday was this past SUNDAY!! He is Now 28! Unfortunately... for the second year in a row, I have unsuccessfully made him a birthday cake that fell completely apart. This one didn't even come out of the pan... he was a pretty good sport about it all... and even said,
"at least we get to eat some before we go to church!" I did make waffles for breakfast - which happen to probably be one of his FAVORITE foods -- and of course CHICKEN for dinner! You'd never guess that he's worked for Chick-Fil-A ... for over 10 years (on and off!) - he still LOVES chicken - even orders it at seafood restaurants sometimes!
- Benjamin helping Jonathan open gifts -
Lastly - a bit of sad news - Jonathan's grandfather - Charles Eugene Owens, Sr. - passed away this past Monday morning (2am) - after finding out in February that he had brain cancer. We were fortunate to see him the weekend before - where we were able to talk with him, watch a little of a Braves game - and get hugs. A most touchy moment, then and still now, was Benjamin's sweet voice saying: "Yuv you Gandaddy" as we left - and Grandaddy's reply: "Love you too." Although it will only be a short seperation - he will be missed.

-This is Grandaddy holding Benjamin -and MeMaw and Grandaddy at Benjamin's blessing -

Jonathan's Uncle - Leo - also has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer. He has had 2 chemo treatments so far and is definitely in our thoughts and prayers. We are planning a family fast for this upcoming Sunday in his behalf.

And lastly - just a few cute pictures of Benjamin playing in his sandbox... he could play outside for hours ... and color the rest of the day!
-Sand in dump truck... and out!

Sand in castle bucket... and out!

Friday, April 11, 2008

All in a Days time!

The days seem to go so FAST -- filled with all the "go-go-go" of a 22 month old and a mom ... and on this day -a little dad too! We started off by going to the playground at Ft. Gordon - this is the best one we've been around to YET!! Slides, swings, and all kinds of things to run on!
Here is Benjamin with his friend Zaley sitting watching the horses and B. peaking through the slats on the playground ... he thought he was hiding!

Here is Benjamin and I on the slide... can you tell he wants to go again ...
not pose for a picture with Mom!
Then home for lunch and a nap - a 3 hour nap for Benjamin at that - and lots of work for me!
Jonathan was home from Chick-Fil-A a little after 1 - got the WHOLE yard mowed - and Benjamin was STILL asleep!
We then got a phone call to help put up the FIVE banners in Grovetown - that advertise the Grovetown Heritage Days Festival!! Benjamin was a TROOPER and was VERY obedient about sitting and helping... when there were lots of cars around I would say: "don't get up" - he'd repeat: "no get up, no get up" - over and over -- all for a promised "tweet tweet!"

So as for the Grovetown Heritage Days Festival...
Saturday, April 26th 2008
9am to 3pm
"Downtown Grovetown" - across from City Hall

I am sponsoring a BAKE SALE b00the as a FUND RAISER for our
children's park here in Grovetown... GOODALE PARK which is in desperate need of repair!
Anyone that wants to help out... please feel free and let me know!

So - signs put up, and when we returned all of the equipment etc, (including a 1950's WOODEN music box on loan to Benjamin for the evening) - Mrs. Rosa Lee OWENS (not relation though)- was standing at the door with a Lemon Meringue Pie -- so Benjamin got his TREAT!

Last but not least - a BATH, scriptures, prayers, and some bedtime stories with dad --
as you will see, don't forget your pillow when you come visit!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Caterpillars galore!

Yesterday we found that there were caterpillars EVERYwhere in our yard... so we finally found their nest in the woods in our backyard. Benjamin was in "awe" of it. We LOVE the "Hungry Caterpillar" book - so of course he kept saying that they needed to eat a nice green leaf! He also kept telling me that they were "sleeping" in the nest, because many of them weren't quite moving yet!

After our caterpillar find - we (Benjamin and I) decided to go for a walk in the woods down to the creek behind our house... and what to behold... the BEAVER dam! I will have to get pictures SOON! This is the most decorated beaver dam you've ever seen - I'm still trying to figure out if he put all the bottles and cans on his house himself - or mother nature :) We only saw him duck in the water twice - he was a good hider! He even had a FRESH branch on his house - with green leaves and all! I wasn't quite sure what all I would do having a BOY -- but just brings me back to my most memorable childhood days of catching tadpoles in our creek... which we did see a few of as well -- maybe we will collect some soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lizards and ALL!

After an INCREDIBLE conference weekend - I have so much to share!
Hopefully this will be an enjoyable READ...
First of all for the many blessings in our (including and especially Benjamin's) life:
caterpillars to hold - airplanes that fly in the sky - lizards to hold - "profet Present Monsun" - walks - duck pond - the smell of spring - work bonus - deer eating acorns in the back yard - a weed puller helper - peanut butter, honey and jelly sandwiches on the back porch - lots of little people - trains and train tracks - school buses - tractors - the park - a sweet reminder: "mom prayers" - "Emple Square" scene on tv - ladybugs -family - "mom mom house" - sidewalk chalk - "tweet tweet" = treat, treat for eating all his dinner - jelly beans - daddy home at night - our memebership in the church - our Savior, Jesus Christ -
and a "yuv you mom, see ya mornin'" at night.
As you can see Benjamin has been such a joy. Jonathan and I are amazed daily by what he says and the things he does. Although he is ALL boy and gets into plenty of trouble - he is a very sweet child. Theses pictures are of Benjamin looking for OUR lizards. We have AT LEAST 2 that live on the back porch - maybe they should really be called camillion's ? - because they change color! We've caught one - and I let Benjamin hold it! I took a picture of the lizard because he was shedding. I told Benjamin we couldn't pet him, so he kept repeating: "no pet yizard..."
Other big news - Jonathan is on spring break this week - which isn't much of a break... but some fun for him! Monday he is going to visit with Dr. Narde's office and staff. We met him at a career fair and really liked him -- he is located in Columbus, GA. Jonathan is planning to go into general dentistry and we are just beginning to look at where he may practice! Tuesday he is playing in the Alumni Golf Tournament in North Georgia ... home Wednesday and then a few days work at Chick-Fil-A... and afternoons and evenings with US!
The weekend has been amazing - started off with a service project with a few friends making baby blankets to donate to the hospital - then two WONDERFUL days of General Conference -where we were able to sustain a new prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, as President Hinckley passed away in January. If anyone is interested in watching any of the conference, you can watch any session at: lds.org
Between sessions and into the evenings I was able to make some baby gifts for friends!
Last bit of news ... Benjamin and I are going to Utah for one last two-for-one airplane trip ...
May 27th through June 3rd ... just one day shy of his 2nd birthday. We are SO excited and can't wait to see friends and family in Utah and just BE in Utah... Hope everyone has a great week!