Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just words...

So this post is JUST words - because I still have NOT taken a REAL prego picture. Not that I don't want to - I just feel bigger and BIgger and BIGGER! But I WILL TRY TRY to do it and update everyone on the baby after I go to the doctor on Tuesday!

Jonathan took his FINAL board today. Hopefully all went well - but you have to WAIT for your score to come in the mail ... why can't they just TELL you! I'm sure Jonathan did GREAT though! Hip Hip HOORAY!

The next few weeks will be BUSY! Jonathan will be mostly working in Atlanta ... and hopefully WE should be able to go to my highschool friend Ansley's wedding in Florida ... which I will find out from the doctor on Tuesday as well!

We will have a sonogram on Tuesday of the baby - as I was measuring a little small at my last appointment. I've still gained plenty of weight -- I'm trying to stick to what I gained with Benjamin (around the 20 lb. mark)- so far I'm exactly on track with what I gained per week with him -- let's hope I can stay on course for the next 4 weeks. The plan is for me to have the baby the LAST week of April so that I will be able to ATTEND Jonathan's graduation instead of chancing it. In the meantime - I'm packing boxes, training the new scheduler for work ... and getting ready for Easter and Jonathan's birthday and the baby!! Lots to do but it will ALL be worth it in just a few short weeks!

I will keep everyone posted on our latest and greatest adventures!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going de Cumming...

Our next Home!

Yep ... we are MOVING to Cumming, Georgia - where Jonathan will work in Alpharetta and Suwanee! We are very excited about out new home which we will be renting for the next year! It is a little bigger than our home now - and there is a pool and tennis court in the neighborhood ... and sidewalks ALL around! Hopefully I can get some use out of that tennis court after the baby comes!
Family Room with a GAS fireplace (not electric!)

Family room and french doors to the office ... and stairs up to the bedrooms!

Our home will have 4 bedrooms and 2 & 1/2 bathrooms ... and will have a REAL living room, dining room, family room and an "office" which I think we are planning to use as our little playroom! FINALLY! (And a BIG walk in closet!!) We are SO excited. We will start moving stuff April/May ... but officially move-in after Jonathan graduates and we have a new little guy to take with us!

Kitchen ... although there is a microwave where that vent is ... and a BIG pantry!

The upstairs ... the boys rooms will be on one end ... and ours on the other!

We will miss all of our friends in Grovetown ... but we are excited for our next adventure in life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hot Atlanta!

Things are looking up for us to move to Atlanta! Jonathan has been able to work at the dental office this week that he will most likely be working at starting in June! He/we have a few more questions ... but we are planning to move in late May after the baby comes! We've started looking at homes to rent in the Alpharetta/Cummings/Suwanee areas of Atlanta - which is the NORTH part of Atlanta! I've had to learn a little more Atlanta geography! We are really excited and know that the Lord continues to bless us with the best opportunities in this life! We'll keep everyone posted on the baby... graduation... our new address and everything in between!