Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Avenues ...

Because I couldn't choose just ONE favorite ... here are a few fun pictures of Micah at The Avenues!
Always interested in what is what...

Really... there is a ROCK hidden in his hand...

He's a CLIMBER ...

Wishing he could splash in the water ...

FAVORITE: he discovered his shadow!

Monday, May 17, 2010


This will probably be the FIRST of a THOUSAND posts about trips to "the cabin!" My parents recently bought a new cabin in Blue Ridge, GA - which is just about an hour and fifteen minutes from our house! Over the past few months we've been trying to get it "READY" so that we could actually stay the night... appliances, furniture, gas hooked up ... and a few live-in friends out from under the cap on the roof! WE DID IT ... still a few more things needed - but it was ready enough! The mountains of Blue Ridge are beautiful ... and we are thrilled for all of the memories that this little place will bring! We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the strawberry fields at Mercier Orchards! The boys HAD to jump up on the train ... that we hope to ride in a few weekends ... and the other pictures are the only pictures I snapped AT the cabin ... more coming!
The creek is just RIGHT down the hill ... can't wait to campout on the porch and listen to the rushing water!

Strawberry Pickin'!

Strawberry Pickin' 2010 was at Mercier Orchards ... they are very well known for their apples but we enjoyed their strawberry patch this year!
Here is my sister, Laura, and Benjamin LITERALLY skipping off to go pick strawberries ... I'm not quite sure who was more excited!

Micah, Benjamin and I in front of the fields... check out Micah's very happy and RED face!

Our little family at the patch ... AND we got a fabulous wagon ride too!

Here's Benjamin (and Jonathan in the background) ... hard at work picking!

My parents, sister and our little family at the patch ... with the mountains in the background!

Micah was a trooper and spent a good bit of the time in his stroller - so long as he had another strawberry coming!

Can't wait until CHERRY season!


Benjamin's pre-school had the BEST Circus Day...
I have ever been too!
So many fun festivities ... free food ... and even "good" prizes!
Here is Benjamin so exicted to ride the pony...

The boys REALLY enjoyed their snowcones!

Micah not so excited or sure about riding on this pony!
Benjamin with his friend Porter at their "booth" -- BOWLING!

and ... Benjamin was a MONKEY for the day...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Micah's 1st Birthday!

Micah turned ONE on April 28th ... but had a fever and was cutting teeth - so we waited until the weekend to celebrate!
Here is Benjamin reading Micah the book he got for his birthday!

Here are the boys opening gifts ... isn't it great to have an older brother ... or BE the older brother!

Here's a family picture ...

ANOTHER favorite ... Benjamin helping Micah blow out his candle! (SIDE NOTE ... this just may possibly be my LAST homemade cake ... I'm giving up and would much rather buy a cute one ... it would be 110% worth it to me and less stressful!)

Micah getting his first bite of his cake...

Don't you love the green zebra stripe mouth!

ONE happy Birthday boy!
Micah can actually sound like a MONKEY -- "ee-ee-ah-ah" hince the reason we did a little Curious George party!
Micah is MUCH MUCH more quiet than Benjamin but can still communicate pretty well! Here are a few FACTS about this little guy that we love and adore:
FAVORITE FOOD: CANDY (fruits are second)
SLEEPS: 12 hours (at night)
NAPS: 2 (at 1-2 hours each)
WORDS: mama, dada, ni-ni = night-night, bye-bye, hi, ee-ee-ah-ah, mowa=more, du=done, ben-min=Benjamin, ta-da, baw=ball, and about 5 or so more!
SIGNS: done, more, thank you, YES, NO (head nods), night-night, bye-bye, blow kisses, please
LOVES to give HUGS AND KISSES (especially if he bites ... he's a BITER!)
WALKING: almost - has taken a few steps
CLIMBER: will crawl and climb onto anything and everything - has MASTERED up and down the stairs like a pro
LOVES: playing outside and riding in the little car
ENJOYS reading books
LOVES pushing cars/trains and making the sounds
FAVORITE TOYS: remote controls, IPOD, cell phones, and anything with a cord
IS JUST A FUN SMILEY little guy - we SURE do love him!