Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Celebration!

Well - Easter for the Owens home has been a MONTH long celebration! Benjamin has been sleeping with "silly rabbit" since we got him out of the box! We've been to three Easter egg hunts - the first of which, Benjamin couldn't figure out what was going on! By the third -- he was RUNNING!

Benjamin found another egg to add to his basket!
Lilli giving Benjamin a hug good-bye!
This was the third Easter Egg Hunt -- SOO many eggs - and by now, Benjamin had things DOWN pat, especially after I said, "run, run, run!"

Our family at Leitner Lake!

Monday we had an Easter FHE - where we sang - "Christ the Lord is Risen" (B. just helped me play the piano), talked to Benjamin about different pictures of Christ, and colored Easter eggs -- between Benjamin trying to drink the egg dye and his hands COVERED -- that was the fastest Egg dying I've ever done -- only 1 out of 6 cracked!

Today was Easter. We had a nice relaxing morning - playing with Benjamin's new LITTLE People, his FAVORITE toys and getting ready for dinner tonight before going to church at 12:30. My favorite part of church was Sharing time where Melissa (2nd counselor) - gave a beautiful lesson where the children opened eggs with things that symbolized different events of things that happened around the Crucifixion/Resurrection. I LOVED seeing the children and hearing them read from the scriptures.

Benjamin playing with his Mr. Potato Head and Little People!

We had Easter dinner with friends in our ward - you will see one of my FAVORITE pictures where - one of the kids that got done eating earlier than Brooks ... kindly gave him a chicken to enjoy with his dinner as well!

Is that a CHICKEN on your plate?

We hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter -- we have enjoyed celebrating and thinking of our Savior Jesus Christ a little more this week! We feel blessed to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and are excited for General Conference!!
Owens Easter Sunday!

Where have we BEEN!

Well things have been SO busy -- just as for everyone else I'm sure... but I started working full-time with Kroger again - for 2 reasons ... the FIRST being that I HAD to ... because Kroger re-aligned their Areas - now I have 2 areas (45 stores), whereas before I had 1 area and only 31 stores. I LOVE my job - and feel so blessed that I've been able to work from home - but ALL of my time when Benjamin's occupied (SLEEPING) - is taken up doing Kroger work. The timing was a huge BLESSING - because we need to go back on Kroger insurance - so perfect timing! Jonathan will work at Chick-Fil-A until the end of the semester but then he will be home to help out with Benjamin more while I'm working full-time!
Aside from working a LOT -- we all got a stomach bug - YUCK, Jonathan even stayed home from a dental conference to take care of us - he was better by then!
Here are a few of my favorite - RECENT pictures!
- in the tub -- Benjamin LOVES playing "toys" and Bubbles are always a plus!

Benjamin was helping me make cookies one night after dinner - but while they were baking, he had a BLAST hiding in the cabinet - and he actually FIT on the lower shelf, I just couldn't get a picture quick enough!

Lastly - a picture of Benjamin shaving with Jonathan one Sunday morning - BEE antennas and all - poor guy, it took us a few days to finally realize that the shaving cream was a LITTLE too strong - which he got a rash from... so Jonathan bought the Aloe sensitive skin shaving cream - so now they can shave together!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Valentine's Night at the Circus!

So like EVERYONE else - we have been SO busy lately - but I wanted to get our blog a little up to date! We went to the Ringling Brothers Circus for Valentine's Day and had a WONDERFUL time as a family. The best part for me was watching Jonathan crack up over the French clown. Many of you may know that Jonathan served his mission in Montreal - so he knows French and thought the clown was hilarious. He would say everything in French and then repeat it in English ... he was pretty funny!
We got this QUICK picture of Benjamin wearing his nose - I think it pinched his nose so he didn't really want to wear it much!
This is Benjamin up on Jonathan shoulders before the show started so he could see the
pre-circus festivities!
Here are the acrobats -- WOW! We really liked the jugglers too!
Benjamin's favorite of the evening was getting this $9 snowcone -of course dad bought it for him ... and dad ended up drinking most of it! Now the elephant is a nice bath toy :)
And last but not least - here is one of the elephants -- sitting down!
Benjamin had a great time - even though the show didn't start until after his bedtime! What a lucky guy to have such fun parents! We can't wait until next time!