Monday, February 27, 2012

Jacob's First Haircut!

 Jacob came with the MOST hair of all 3 of my boys... so he also happens to be the YOUNGEST of all three to get his first haircut!  He DIDN'T LIKE it at all!

He was smiling before we got going...

And was THRILLED to play with Micah when we were done!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cabin Days with the Mitchells!

We had a blast with the Mitchells at the Cabin!
Here are the kiddos (minus Jacob) at Mercier! It was customer appreciation day - so they REALLY treated us nice...
We took a little hike to the Swinging Bridge ... it was a little chilly (but FEBRUARY right!)...
The kids were troopers and we had a fun little picnic on some logs right off of the trail!
My FAVORITE was that the older cousins got to sleep in the same bed and would wake up in the morning giggling and playing! LOVED IT!
So happy for cousin time at the cabin!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ski Trip 2012!!

Had such a fun time on our ski trip ... despite me being sick, the boys not getting the BEST nights' sleep, and not having "day-care" for Jacob one of the two days - we made WONDERFUL MEMORIES! The weather was AMAZING and many more fond memories!!

Here is Benjamin riding up the chairlift at Deer Valley with me at the end of the day! Hopefully he learned more than how to throw a snowball and drink hot chocolate!

Victoria actually took me all over the blues and greens as quick as we could go in the last 2 hours we had to ski!! It was fun having her lead the way!

Here's a quick picture at Alf's Lodge at Alta ... where we stop for leftover COLD pizza, french fries, hot chocolate and candy/granola bars!!

The lady skiers this year: Jenny, Rachel, Lindsey (soon to be MARRIED!) and Victoria!

So we never got a picture of Micah up on skis ... SAD! And we only have a little video of Benjamin - better luck next year with video/photos!

One of MANY pictures over the years of Jonathan and I atop Alta!

AND to end the trip with a cherry on top ... we were able to be at Miss Hazel Hobson's blessing - what an honor! I LOVE Laura - I still call her and all of the other ladies I roomed with at college - ROOMMATES!

Because I was sick I missed/forgot to take other key photos ... BYU basketball game with Jonathan, photo with my friends Shelley and Emily, family dinners, Uncle Jared baby-sitting the boys, and of course Micah on skis for the first time! Thank goodness for sweet MEMORIES!

ps... The boys LOVE LOVE anything about the walkie talkies - and especially when Grandaddy or Dad talk to them via walkie talkie!