Friday, September 18, 2009

A new casa...

So here's a quick picture of our new house ... yes - we're moving again - but to a home of our OWN! Our new house will just be 7 miles from Jonathan's work -- which is much better than the hour commute now (2 hours round trip)!
We should move sometime close to the first of November ... just in time for the holidays! Now is the fun (BUT STRESSFUL) time of picking out all the lighting, paint, appliances, carpet and all that fun stuff! Please stay tuned for a final PHOTO! We will have LOTS more space ... so come visit ANYTIME!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Owens family vacation!

So this was a VACATION ...

Benjamin was showing Micah the other airplanes before taking off!
We had a wonderful family vacation to Texas - mostly to go to the BYU vs. OU game and see our friends the Heidemans! Here are a few highlights from our trip!
Benjamin and Micah at the airport - Micah's first plane ride!

Benjamin, Jonathan and Micah with Cosmo -- also pronounced: "Cos & Mo"

Benjamin watching the RODEO!

Our little fam on a hayride at SUNSET!

Us with Ty Detmer ... minus Micah (he was sleeping!)

Our family in front of the NEW Dallas Cowboys Stadium ... it is LOTS bigger than it appears in this picture!

Lynette, Thomas, Micah and I at the game ... (the boys were hungry - oh and they are 8 days apart!)

The boys and I at the game!
Micah was SO tired -- and finally did sneak in a nap!

Our little gang at them game cheering the cougars on!

Benjamin eating his cotton candy!

Back on the plane ... and smiles all around! It was a fun FAST weekend ... and all 4 of us slept the ENTIRE hour and a half flight home!

A little bit of this and that!

So here's a bit of our end of summer ... start of FALL happenings!
Benjamin's taking a little soccer/t-ball class!
Preschool open house ... where he got to see his classroom and meet his teacher, Mrs. Nancy and friends!

Bejamin and Mrs. Nancy!
A little hike ... along the river - so refreshing to get outdoors!
I love this one ... see Micah and Benjamin's faces!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BYU vs. OU!!

I know I'm REALLY behind with posting ... but had to post this!

GOOOOO COUGARS! I will do a big post of our trip to Texas - probably one of my favorite family vacations! We love the cougars and being around so many great fans! Can't wait until the next game!!

Congrats to BYU for pulling off the 14-13 VICTORY!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jared's Mission Farewell!

Jared left for his mission a few weeks ago - I've just been really SLOW about posting pictures! He left for the Provo MTC -- and will hopefully be on his way to the Bangalore India Mission SOON! He's waiting on his visa (I believe) -- and serving in the Salt Lake City area - although I'm not 100% sure on all of the particulars! Benjamin is CONVINCED that he has a NEW name - which is "Elder" Brand now ... and not Jared Brand!
a good bit of the extended family...
Benjamin leading the music for Jared's last FHE...
Grammy, Benjamin and Grampy watching as he boards the plane!


See... I am a fun mom ... but not as fun as some! I'm not a very good bouncer... we had a really fun time in Florida when we went down for Jared's mission farewell! Jonathan took a short flight home so we could stay longer -- here are a few of the pictures!
Pictures at the Museum... we love DINOSAURS!

Benjamin and Nana in the cave...
Albert and Jared

Albert and Benjamin on the tramp!

Serious swinging ... check out that face!

Micah and Grammy...

Benjamin helping Grampy collect the eggs ...
even though one of them cracked!