Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Favorite Recipes ... small UPDATE!

Just wanted to share a few of my new tried and true favorite recipes ... although I have SEVERAL others - it's just late and I can't stay up to type more!
The most REQUESTED is the homemade blueberry muffin recipe! So here it is... and they really are 100% delicious!

A few of the others are "Kraft" recipes ... that I've tried and LOVED!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New York - New York!

A trip to REMEMBER ... just the ladies ... to see THIS LADY...

I had the most WONDERFUL time in New York City with my mom, 2 sisters and sister-in-law. It was a little cold at times - and lots of walking -but that was just part of the wonderful experience.

My most favorites were:

1. Manhattan Temple - the inside was AMAZINGLY beautiful - I loved the stained glass windows, beautiful paintings and the sweet ladies!

2. Mary Poppins - We went to the Broadway show ON Valentine's - and I thought it was FANTASTIC!

3. Super YUMMY food ... including eating at: La Bonne Soupe (French) - best Caramel Creme for dessert, Malatesta Trattoria (Italain), and Cafe Ino - for a yummy brunch and the BEST hot chocolate. We also enjoyed yummy pizza, paninis and bakery desserts!

4. Seeing all the AMAZING sites, museums, and sounds of New York City ... couldn't have asked for a better LONG weekend!
A special thanks to Jonathan and his Mom for helping with Benjamin so I could GO ... AND a BIG thanks to my Mom and Dad for such a fun gift - just for the girls!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Utah at Last!

Our family ski trip to Utah was WONDERFUL this year ... although it was again right at the 72 hour mark for the length of our trip - we couldn't have asked for a better time. We made wonderful memories - and it is so exciting that Benjamin is starting to enjoy the sites that we love so much in Utah and a hobby that Jonathan and I have enjoyed together ... I guess now it is a family hobby!
A big thanks to Jonathan's dad for inviting us and all that he did for us!
Benjamin knows that it is TRADITION ... to get his picture taken in front of the Salt Lake Temple! He was thrilled to be able to walk all over the snow - since there was no grass to run on this time of year!
* A sweet moment - Benjamin looking up at the Christus statue and telling me "I want Him to hold me" as he tried to climb under the little rope. I think he thought that the statue was REALLY Christ - so of course I started crying at the thought that he really did know and felt the loving OPEN arms of our Savior.
Here are a few pictures from our trip ...

Owens at Temple Square.
Skiing pictures ...

Jonathan and Benjamin ... and they DID indeed get to ride in the sleds behind them ... what a great dad to find someone to give a little guy a ride! (S0litude)
Jonathan and Benjamin skiing at Alta.

Benjamin done for the day ... and asleep literally within 1 minute!

Jonathan and Benjamin skiing hand in hand!

Rachel, Benjamin and Jonathan at Alta!
Benjamin and I went on a DATE to the BYU vs. Wyoming Basketball Game (THANKS LYNETTE and JUSTIN!!) ... and had a blast ... especially because BYU played awesome!

A few highlights NOT pictured include:
1. Taking Benjamin to the Draper Temple Open House
2. Seeing a few friends and family -- but sadly we weren't able to see everyone - I'm HOPING (hint hint to Jonathan) that we can go for a few more days next year!
3. Eating LOTS of yummy food
4. Me getting to go shopping to a few of my favorite shops and to the Bountiful Temple while the boys skiied
5. Benjamin CRYING and CRYING because we had to leave the ski resort and hardly ever complaining (for a little guy at least) that he was cold ... DEFINITELY his Father's child!
6. Benjamin DID get to go to the TOP of Alta ... what a lucky little guy - and I wish I could tell the story as good as Jonathan ... but basically: Benjamin's foot was hurting on the chairlift - luckily Jonathan happened to be holding his ski when he wiggled his foot out over the cliffs ... close call - or Jonathan would've been skiing off the cliff to get Benjamin's ski and BOOT ... while Benjamin hung out with the chair lift operator :) - next year we will just duck tape his boots on!